Postcards from Dusseldorf

Just back from Dusseldorf in Germany

(We didn’t go to Brussels in the end).

After work, we walked along the Rhine,


Enjoying dramatic skies

And the ornamental trees along the river bank.


Spring was in full swing:

Isn’t this magnolia in full bloom just gorgeous!


For more amazing skies, please visit: Skywatch.


73 thoughts on “Postcards from Dusseldorf

    1. There was a terrorist attack in the actual airport a week ago and not all flights are flying to Brussels yet because of the bombs.

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  1. Hi Fiona,
    fabulous photos from Düsseldorf and the river Rhein. The trees are wonderful in this line.
    Have a sunny weekend !
    Best regards, Synnöve


  2. It’s lovely to visit other places and see other horizons. It looks as if you have enjoyed your visit in Düsseldorf! So lovely to see the magnolia blooming.


  3. GORGEOUS photographs, Fiona! Germany is a country I have always wanted to visit! Stunning shot of the magnolia’s! Such beautiful flower!

    Welcome back, my friend. Have a super weekend!


  4. Wonderful sky! Two of my friends who do not even know each other had very close encounters with the Brussels. One canceled a planned visit that morning and the other had just departed.


  5. Fabulous vistas and lovely trees with so interesting shapes! Magnolium blossoms on branches are such gorgeous in pink shades!! Lovely week ahead!


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