Frozen beauty

Saturday morning was well below freezing.

Passing by the local church, I saw

A riot of colours on the grass.

Riot of pink.jpg

Bouquets of flowers for the departed:

From iced-over pastel pink

Frozen rose.jpg

And bright, frosted

Folds of orange

Orange folds.jpg

To the quieter tones

Of white beauty.


For more beauty – icy or otherwise, please go to: Our World.


90 thoughts on “Frozen beauty

  1. Before I forget, thank you for the cartoon on the OW page … I like the way you think! And of course thanks for hosting. The frosted flowers are beautiful and somehow seem even more perfect symbolically that way.


  2. Beautiful colors of the ‘icy/frosty’ flowers… Were you in a cemetery taking pictures? I love our Roses with rain-drops on them –but NOT ICE or FROST….



  3. Bellissima, Fiona! The colors of the flowers are just stunning! And I love how the ice on the petals look as though they were sprinkled with sugar!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, my friend. Have a fantastic week!


  4. Amazing to see these beautiful blooms seemingly surviving and looking gorgeous in such extreme cold weather. Tres belle images Fiona.


  5. Such a fragile and brave tribute to the love someone carried
    for someone else…..frozen but still lovely and singing strong:)
    I love this.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty your artful eyes see,


  6. It is frozen beauty. The yellow rose in particular looks like it has been dipped in sugar. A pity this beauty is so short lived…


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