96 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. yesterday morning and again this morning the skies were streaked with pink .. alas my iPhone camera didnt capture the color .. so sad .. love yours


  2. “Scenes like this make me want to burt out into song: ‘The cold never bothered me anyway.’”

    Me as well, Fiona. There is something glorious about the cold of winter and the way it transforms nature in to a different kind of beauty. To me there is something utterly beautiful about the barrenness of the cold and winter.

    Amazing photographs, my friend! Have a super weekend!


  3. The frozen water make the reflections look like smudges of soft pastel – so interesting! Quess you have to keep singing away that song for some time, Fiona:) Have a great weekend – stay warm!


  4. Ladyfi, Your sky shot with the frozen water shots are beautiful. I love how the clouds swirl against the orange sky. You a special knack for getting right time after time. I remember my first and only visit to one of the Great Lakes in Feb. 2000 and having that sense of wonder seeing such a vast body of water that was frozen ~ so awesomely amazing! The wind was so horrible that we could only stand outdoors long enough to capture a family shot, then back in the car we got. lol


  5. So beautiful and breathtaking!
    The beautiful pastel colors are fantastic. I rarely this beautiful colors in the lcuht seen. Beautiful pictures. My compliments.


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