Hidden gems

One of my walks takes me past fields, lake and a camping site.

I discovered this shower, with the last summer drop

Frozen into place.

Frozen shower.jpg

Forging into the woods,

I find a truck with shiny rims.

Old truck.jpg

The sunlight picks out

The red of a hidden cottage

Hidden barn.jpg

And draws my eyes to this

Picture perfect barn.

Old barn.jpg

For more perfection, please visit: Our World.

74 thoughts on “Hidden gems

  1. Hi, Isn’t it amazing how much ‘hidden’ beauty there is all around us… The sad truth is that most of us don’t take time to LOOK. I loved seeing the old truck with the shiny rims!!!!



  2. Fiona, hidden gems indeed! Love the all! Especially that first one of the shower and how your captured the ice. And the second one of the truck is gorgeous. I love how everything is outlined in white, icy snow!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of winter, my friend. Have a lovely week!


  3. This morning I traveled about 700 miles due north from Florida to Pennsylvania, where I am enjoying glittering snowflakes and white landscapes. I will discover many hidden gems if I pay attention and notice.


  4. You did find lovely lighting in all these shots. I really like that first image with the truck and can feel the atmosphere. The winding road leads us to the red building and takes us on a little wintry journey!


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