Snowy memories

At the moment, it’s grey and not particularly pretty out.

I do like grey skies, however,

Especially when they are laden with snow!

Snowy dogs.jpg


There is something magical about not seeing the sky

And being able to enjoy the dancing snowflakes (and a puppy) instead.


Of course, it’s even better if the sun breaks through the clouds

Just before disappearing behind the hill.

Sun breaking through.jpg

For more snowy or sunny memories, please visit: Skywatch.

80 thoughts on “Snowy memories

  1. “There is something magical about not seeing the sky

    And being able to enjoy the dancing snowflakes (and a puppy) instead.”

    I agree, Fiona! On Tuesday it snowed here, heavily, for about two hours. I had off that day, so I went outside and walked through the big snowflakes. It felt so magical!

    Beautiful photographs. Love how you captured the sunlight in that last one!

    Have a super rest of your week, my friend!


  2. You are getting a proper snowy winter this year and so many other places in Europe are getting rain instead. Snow is much more fun and I think your dog agrees!


  3. When I enlarge these photos, I get chills! I love seeing the tracks in the fresh snow! And those bits of Golden always warm my heart.


  4. Even as a notorious non-winter person, I have to admit that I can see what you mean when you say it is magical not to be able to see the sky — WHEN there is snow! To me, coming from western Oregon, not being able to see it meant days of drizzly rain and gray … That magic wears off pretty darn quickly.


  5. If I could have such lovely open spaces…and, in the same time, “to enjoy the dancing snowflakes”… Well, it is so magical there in your pictures! i love the snowy atmosphere…
    Best regards!


  6. Very nice photos. I also like sunny days 🙂
    Thank you for visiting me. Blueberry plant is lovely in the bouquet with tulips,
    try it 🙂

    Happy weekend to you.


  7. Ah, I do love all this snowy beauty and your adorable dog!! Terrific captures as always!! Thank you SO much for sharing the beauty of your world!! I hope you have a great weekend!! Enjoy!! Stay warm1


  8. I think this is really great!
    In the Netherlands, almost no snow. Today ids there some snow cases but not in the part where I live. I enjoy the beautiful snow pictures to you.


  9. The trees look so pretty laden with snow Fiona, how lucky you are to have the best of both worlds, white winters and glorious summers.. we have just too much of the glorious summers 🙂


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