New surroundings

Let’s take a walk around my new neighbourhood.

Here is the front of the house (you can only see one half in this picture) —

It’s a bit like the Tardis: the house is bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside …


There are a lot of trees in the garden.

Don’t you think bark looks delightful in the snow?

Snowy bark.jpg

The pine trees

Look magnificent too.

Snowy pine.jpg

After the snow,

A nearby path shines

In silver symmetry.


On the way home, a splash of pink

Brightens up the morning sky.


For more amazing areas, please visit: Our World.

95 thoughts on “New surroundings

  1. Gorgeous, Fiona. Love seeing the sun AFTER a snowstorm…. BUT–that one picture of the path surrounded by snow is AWESOME.

    Check out my blog today…. I’ll show you our Tiny Snow (compared to what you get there).



  2. Impressive… Love the house with a patio, with such panoramas around and tall pine trees, with the lovely trail through snow… *-*Pure joy!
    Greetings in january and a pleasant week ahead!


  3. I absolutely love it when your thumbnail pops up on my sidebar Fiona.. Your images are always a visual feast, I go way back and enjoy the cool winter images in an effort to ‘chill’ in our hot humid weather ๐Ÿ™‚ Your new digs look pretty fab, still surrounded by beauty!


  4. Oh, I do love your snowy, winter captures for the day, Fiona!! So beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!! I hope you have a great new week!! Enjoy!!


  5. Fiona, you new house is AWESOME! And being someone who loves doors, I have to say that your front door is so cool-looking!

    And what a lovely neighborhood. That second to last photograph is STUNNING!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your new location, my friend! Have a super week!


  6. All the best in your new house among the pines. I hope it has morphed into a home by now. By that I mean. We move into houses not into homes. A home comes in time with love and laughter. Curiosity killed the cat and this nosy Parker, is that a lava lamp in the window at right?


  7. Your new home is so lovely. It gives color to the wintry landscape; the red (or reddish brown?) walls set off white snow. New surroundings is enveloped in pearly gray, so beautiful, including that pine tree bark.



  8. Ahhh I’ve been waiting for a glimpse of your new location. Love those fabulous big windows in the front of your house and it looks like such a quiet peaceful neighborhood.


  9. Thanks for taking us on a walk in your new surroundings! I love the bark against the snow too, and that tree is majestic. What a gorgeous sky.


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