Autumn, leaving

Autumn is all about change and leaving

In flamboyant style.


This is Ruby, as red as the leaves on the trees.

She has left us temporarily.


Why? Because she is expecting

Puppies any day now.

Can you see her round tummy?

Ruby pregnant

I’ll miss her sorely

But my young goofball Simmie

Teaches me that there is a lot to be happy about.


I go with the flow

And try to remain young at heart.

Picture of me playing in leaves taken by my daughter.


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90 thoughts on “Autumn, leaving

  1. How can I not love your beautiful photograph Fiona, something so refreshing and engaging. Wonderful post – best wishes to Ruby and all her little pups! Gorgeous tree glittering in gold chiming leaves.


  2. Good luck to Ruby as she gives birth…I’m sure her puppies will be as beautiful as she is!
    Playing in the leaves is fun for all ages–stay young at heart!


  3. Ruby is carrying her puppies well – I can hardly see a bulge. I wonder how many she’ll have? Hope you post an announcement. Love the pic of you taken by your daughter.


  4. OMG, Fiona, I am so happy and excited about Ruby having puppies! I can’t wait to see them because I bet they’re going to be so cute! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that final photo of you 🙂 How fun! And what beautiful fall colors!

    Have a faaaaaaabulous week, my friend!

    X to you and Ruby!


  5. Flamboyant, yes. And fleeting is the zest of orange and yellow. So when the perfect day comes along, you have to celebrate with gusto. Good for you.

    Puppies! Their cute, Their fun. Their trying.


  6. Love your doggie photos and she is going to become a ‘mommie’! Beautiful Autumn colors and delightful photo of you playing in the leaves!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol


  7. Best wishes to Ruby – good luck with the puppies. I think that’s the first photo I’ve seen of you – great autumn shots! Autumn is gone here, as we just got 15 inches (38 cm) of fresh snow.


  8. How lovely to see a photo of you and one playing in the leaves. So nice to ‘meet’ you:) I will be thinking of Ruby and wishing her well, also her sweet pups. Happy to see Simmie keeping you company. Your photos as always are fantastic.


    1. No, Ruby is living with the breeders and we are waiting for the puppies to be born. She will then live at the breeders with her puppies for about 10 weeks until they are sold…

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  9. Love that lighthearted pic of you. I finally swept leaves off of my back porch yesterday – I loved seeing them twirl through the air.


  10. Dearest Lady-fi; Oh My, what BEAUTIFUL and SWEET pictures♡♡♡ 
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, in England, xoxo Miyako*


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