Furrowed skies

A couple of summers ago, we visited the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

In Sussex, England.

Pretty Elizabethan houses glowed under a big blue sky

Big sky

And a newly-ploughed field (with a thatched hut in it)

Matched the ploughed furrows of a dramatic sky.

I‘ve got a family emergency and am off to England again. I’ll be back next week.

Until then – take care!


For more lovely views, please visit: Skywatch.

78 thoughts on “Furrowed skies

  1. Fiona, that sky is MAGNIFICENT! WOW…what a gorgeous capture! What a beautiful area Sussex is!

    Hope all is well with your family. Safe journey, my friend. See ya when you get back!


  2. Beautiful and superb captures as always!! I do hope all is well with your family, I’ll be holding good thoughts for all of you.


  3. Elizabethan houses look fairyland houses. Nice shots as always, but the moody sky in the second image seems to imply your emotion. Hope the emergency gets sorted well.



  4. Fiona, such gorgeous shots, the colors and textures of your world as so serene and vibrant at the same time. My heart goes out to you ….it’s never easy dealing with family emergencies…we’ve had a long run of it for the last few years, so many ups and downs.



  5. Dearest Lady-fi; What a GORGEOUS sky shot with the lovely scene which is different from ours♪
    I too wish your emergency thing goes well and so sorry for my absence, after the surgery for my eye I was really busy(^^;)

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


  6. adoro quelle case a graticci, che sono una particolarità sia del regno unito che della Normandia, ed amo moltissimo i colori sempre affascinanti delle tue foto
    lieta giornata cara


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