The brightness of autumn

Every year, I fall (get the pun?)

For the colours of autumn:


From green and gold

And flaming red;

Flaming red

To the abstract

Swirls of burning colours.

Abstract copy

And, of course, the shining canopy

Of leaves makes a lovely background

For a chilly October swim.


For more brightness, please visit: Our World.

92 thoughts on “The brightness of autumn

  1. “Every year, I fall (get the pun?)

    For the colours of autumn:”

    Meeee too, Fiona! This is my favorite season of the year because of all the beautiful colours. However, I will say that the trees in your area are much more vibrate than the city trees here. I took my camera outside yesterday and tried to capture some of the colorful leaves in a park close to where I live.

    I’m slowing making my way back to blogging again and yours was the first blog I visited today. And as usually, my friend….GORGEOUS photographs! Love that final shot!


  2. Are you serious? Those are great shots! I am FALLing your them:-) I have a little pond here, too, and the reflection of the trees and the fog is just stunning… but I don’t have a good camera to capture that. Nor am I talented in taking pictures:-)
    but your pictures are soooo awesome! Love, love, love it!


  3. Lady Fi you have excellent photography skills. To me the autumn is the best time of the year. It is so nice to walk through the woods with no bugs eating me alive.


    1. There was a time, when I was young that I loved autumn, for I was married in October. But in November my father died and years later my husband. On the days of their funerals the sun was shining and the weather was very beautiful and warm as if Heaven welcomed them.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Wil, ABCW Team


  4. such beauty …. here truly we have green leaves then they are gone .. i wish we has less ginkgo trees and more maples ..


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