68 thoughts on “Glowing sunset

  1. Beautiful.
    Have you always had Golden Retrievers? We are tossing around the idea of getting one. We have a small dog at this time, a Boston Terrier she is getting up in age. I think our boys would love a Golden.
    Love your photos you share of your dogs.


    1. Oscar was our first golden retriever – and now we have two more from the breeder that have been rehomed with us. NOTE – they are field or working golden retrievers, which is why they are smaller and a lot redder in colour. They are wonderful dogs – I wouldn’t hesitate to get one!

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  2. Dear Lady Fi, you are such an artist with a camera. Your eye for design and color is exceptional I think. I’m hoping that whatever you are doing right now is fulfilling. Peace.


  3. No worries, Speaking for myself, am content to look at this image till your return. Take your time, as I love what goes on in my insides with this capture. I am kidding of course, see ya around the webby thingy when your able.


  4. Photos of your dog in water or at the pier always make me smile. He is bathed in golden light and looks like he is in deep thought or simply appreciating the beauty of the spot. Happy week ahead.


  5. Thank you for hosting and for sharing this lovely photo especially at a time when you are so busy! Hope you find a moment or two to enjoy the golden serenity!


  6. i must stay late at the office to capture a fall/autumn sunset over the harbor .. the colors i have seen in other people’s photos is so like your glorious honey


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