Circle of life: memories

At the end of this week, it will be a year

Since my dearest furry friend, Oscar, left us.

This is one of my favourite pictures of Oscar:


Life is busy with two dogs, work and kids —

But sometimes, when I least expect it,

I’m overwhelmed by loss.


Other dogs have come into my life (Ruby and Simmie) —

Not to replace Oscar —

But to fill life with their own brand of friendship.

This is Simson diving — a younger version of Oscar:

Simson dive

Because that’s what love does —

It expands the heart and makes room for more.

Oscar and I

I’ve got a very busy week ahead and will be away with work – so I won’t be around to visit you until the end of the week.

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114 thoughts on “Circle of life: memories

  1. I also know the feeling Fiona. I had Tirion, who was a beautiful dog, for 13 years. She’s been gone now for nearly nine years and every now and again I feel a sudden cloud of loss and I see her in my mind’s eye running on the beach. It’s so difficult, but I’m so grateful that that beautiful creature came in to my life and spent those years with us. Never forgotten. My thoughts are with you. Wonderful shots of Oscar.


  2. Well, I remember Oscar, too, and the reminder of him brought tears to my eyes. I have had well-loved dogs in my life. Each is different and loving each has brought me incredible joy as well as the heartache of saying goodbye. I have sweet memories of Oscar smiling for his photos and loving his family.


  3. Blessings to you Fiona… NO—nothing will ever replace those we love so much… Oscar was so special to you–and you will always remember him with the fondest of memories…. It’s okay to grieve –and it’s okay to share your thoughts….



  4. I love seeing photos of your new furry friends, but I do miss seeing Oscar! I know that feeling of loss… sometimes I can even feel Max bump up against my legs. They never truly leave us, do they? But oh to hug their necks again.


  5. Oscar was a love, it’s clear. It’s interesting how we love all of our animals, but their personalities live in our memories and hearts. I miss my calico cat Cleo so much – she was funny and bossy, but I’ve loved all the pets in their own way.


  6. I know exactly how you feel, Fiona, but in my case it was my cat Bo, who I lost two years ago. He was my “best” cat of all the many cats I had the pleasure of living with in my life. Bo was the most friendly and loving and special. I rescued him when he was 5 and he lived with me 10 years until he died suddenly. I miss him still! We are fortunate to have the love of such a special pet in our lives.


  7. (((Hugs))) and empathy for your sorrow. And praise too, as always, for your wonderful photos. You seem to have captured the spirit of beautiful, joyful Oscar.


  8. Dogs leave a little piece of themselves in your heart that never goes away. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of your gorgeous dog! The first one is such a spectacular shot. Hope all the good memories give you some comfort.


  9. This is what I love about blogging. I’m having a lovely morning catching up on long overdue blogging visits and then you come across a post which make you stop, makes you think, makes you feel. And here I am! I feel I am there with you in the sadness of the lost, remembering the happy and sad, that joyful leap into the water or the hug amongst the flowers. In truth your posts are often the ones that leave a lasting impression on my day and today will be no different. Hugs to you across the water.
    Wren x


  10. What a lovely post on Oscar! My Goldie Girl is dearly missed too. Our dogs are family members and can never be forgotten. Wonderful images and post. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!


  11. “When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight” (Gibran). Your photos of Oscar are testament to this. With love.


  12. My heart aches for your loss, Fi…..when a love like that touches us
    it’s always with us but sometimes it feels thin when not wrapped in skin.
    I feel the sting of missing badly, myself, these days.
    Love and grace to us all in the sadness.


  13. Hello Friend,
    How very true! Your words are so very true. We can get so busy and boom, we can feel it. I had that happen to me recently with remembering my Grandpa.
    Sending a HUG!!
    I love the first photo.


  14. I totally understand this. Year ago, when our dogs Sasha passed, we all felt a big hit. My mom was devastated for several months. We got her other dogs but none where able to replace the loss. However, we still have the memories of our lovely girl.


  15. Hi Lady Fi, What a sweet and wonderful post! I recall hearing someone say, The more I know about people, the better I like my dog. I wonder if you would agree? Thank you for sharing your excellent photography and for your kind comments on my blog.


  16. It has been 10 years since we lost ‘our boys’ – two marvelous family members who came from the local Humane Society. Their photos stay on the fireplace mantel and often times, I am stopped cold by a memory or a thought about them. Those furry ones have a way of burrowing into the human heart!


  17. These are beautiful pictures and I understand that sense of loss. I have more cats now, but they are not the old cats, they are different cats and I sometimes I still really miss the old crowd



  18. I am so sorry, this is a beautiful tribute for Oscar to remember he was missed. I lost mine five years ago due to a car accident. Still think of him on the date when he left us. They will always be remembered ❤


  19. That first photo especially is just amazing. I’m sorry Oscar is no longer with you. I too miss my Bridger, the gsd in the photo on my post. He was 12 1/2, so we really enjoyed him for many years, but I still miss that dog every single day, and understand how you feel about Oscar.


  20. I still miss my Sam Schnauzer after two years and I do know how you feel! Love your photos as always! Thank you for all you do! Have a good weekend!


  21. This is such a cute post! I am so sorry for the loss of Oscar. But I am very sure he is watching over you just as my Husky “Aslan” is to me 🙂

    Greetings from the Philippines!



  22. I was, an still am, a huge huge huge Oscar fan. The photos, well, they leave me ‘verklempt’. I salut Oscar and that special relationship the two of you had.


  23. Dearest Lady-fi; Oh, these sweet beautiful pictures of Oscar filled my eyes tears. Maybe I’m a bit sentimental now p:-)
    Thank you SO much for your sweet comments, I’ll try to be easy for my eyes for a while(^^;)
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


  24. We never forget them do we? I cried for days when my cat Fluffy got run over. Couldn’t stop thinking about her cold and bloodied in a cardboard box on a neighbour’s sons old sweatshirt. The neighbour’s found her and brought her to us and I was so hoping it was another cat but it wasn’t. Oscar will always be remembered from your wonderful photos though.

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