Orange beauty

There’s nothing better

Than strolling along the beach

Orange sun 1

And drinking in the heady beauty

Of a fierce orange sunset,

Sun setting 2

While the pink balloon of the disappearing sun

Turns waves into silk.


All photos taken while on holiday in Baleal, Portugal, this summer.

For more orange surprises, please visit: Skywatch.

85 thoughts on “Orange beauty

  1. Awesome captures of your glorious skies, Fiona!!! Thanks, as always, for sharing the beauty!! Hope you have a wonderful and beautiful weekend!!


  2. I love beaches and sunset. Very peaceful. I love the words and the pictures that you wrote and took. Everyday is a new journey just by viewing your shots. Thank you!


  3. Your photography is really awesome, you’re so talented. Those skies, the orange color, are just so beautiful. I imagine lying on the sand in a beach somewhere and just looking at those beautiful skies.


  4. Wonderful oranges in the glowing sky, and layers, as the sun sinks lower and enters the strange dark mist before disappearing. I am transported to the sounds and smells of the ocean, and the cool breeze.


  5. I am so impressed by how beautiful these pictures are. It must really feel magnificent to be at the beach witnessing such a beautiful sunset.


  6. That is gorgeous! I have to agree, though on the east coast of Australia, the sun doesn’t set over the ocean. We do get magical sunrises over the ocean.


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