84 thoughts on “A rainy kind of beauty

  1. Love the Blooms, Lady Fi – Alas, the rain has flooded our world in the last few days. We’ve officially had over 7″ and expect 2 more today. People are using canoes and boats to get around what is normally dry land.


  2. Hello, gorgeous flowers and captures of the jewels. What a lovely description of the rainy beauty! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!


  3. Gorgeous flowers, beautiful colors and superb captures!! Doesn’t get any better than these and what a beautiful way to start my day!!! Thanks for sharing the beauty, as always!! Hope you have a great new week!!


  4. I am missing rain here…we had a light version last night. I think that your pansy is actually a nasturtium. But no bother.


  5. we haven’t got much rain here the last weeks, so i enjoyed it very much looking at your beautiful shots, especially the pansie one 🙂


  6. Your blooms are beautiful with the moisture still clinging to them. Your weather sounds like ours – rainy and breezy – perfect for blooms.


  7. “Roses glowing

    With rain jewels;”

    Love your description because that’s exactly what they look like….rain jewels!

    Magnificent photographs, Fiona! Love the rays of sunlight in that final photo!

    Have a super week, my friend!

    P.S. it’s been raining a lot here as well.


  8. We are in the midst of the rain right now, which is a wonderful relief after the heat. It was so thick I knew it would be raining. Sadly most of my color is gone from the heat, except the grass. It seems to grown no matter what I do to it. Ha. Lovely yellow flower you have there.

    I am well. Just finished my masters and I am about to head out on vacation with the family to Miami. We will be traveling through the Everglades a bit. A fun little adventure. It’s nice to know I am missed though.



  9. Raining with pink petals, the wind slows the manic cyclist down, lets him pedal to sunny yellow petals that have fallen with summer thoughts, and lets him stop at the peddler for a drink and a word


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