96 thoughts on “Fields of gold

  1. We are in tune again today, Fiona. My latest post features amber fields of grain, and my blue sky is borrowed from a song we sing in the States: America, the Beautiful.” Obviously, Sussex UK is beautiful this time of year too.

    Blue and gold are a lovely combination, in fact the two colors on the flag of the embattled Ukraine, notable for their grain harvest.


  2. Fiona, the contrast between the beautiful blue sky and the fields of gold is so stunning! Gorgeous captures. Absolutely gorgeous! And in that last photograph, I can actually feel the wind blowing the wheat field!

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend!


  3. Beautiful skies with their “cotton ball” clouds and such wonderful open spaces!!! Terrific captures as always, Fiona!! And thanks as always for sharing the beauty!! I hope you have a beautiful weekend! Enjoy!!


  4. How fascinating. We often get that gold colouration over here in the heat of summer, but I had never considered that the green and pleasant land would also go gold.
    Thank you. A beautiful education.


  5. There is just no holding backing the sky, is there; barb wire or not. Such tension, and there is no denying the artistry, in the natural harmony and in your eye.


  6. Dearest Lady-fi; You posted your GORGEOUS sky pictures with great poem. I loved to read your captions as wellโ™ชโ™ชโ™ช
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


  7. Wow Fiona…obviously your skill with skies isn’t limited to just where you live. That’s gorgeous…and the last shot is so similar to the filed at the farm that I had to look twice. Beautiful.



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