Golden oldies

I’m off to England to visit the family this weekend.

So, I leave you with two of my favourite shots:

A sky full of rainbow clouds

Rainbow clouds

And a golden wonder —

My daughter and her best buddy, Oscar (now deceased).

Back next week!

Best buddies copy

For more great skies, please visit: Skywatch.

100 thoughts on “Golden oldies

  1. It’s great these colors in the sky of Sweden !!
    I like it very much the first – I go on vacation and come back in the middle of the month of August !! great summer


  2. My you give great gifts when you leave, That’s not to say, you should leave more often. Thanks again for the shots; it is amazing what natural phenomenon does with air, sunlight – captivating for man, women, child and dog. Hey maybe you’ll bump into Don……..thud!


  3. SPECTACULAR photographs, Fiona! Those skies are AMAZING! Love that second shot of your daughter and Oscar.

    Have a terrific time in England. Can’t wait to see and read all about it.

    Happy and safe journey, my friend!


  4. Amazing, stunning, fantastic captures as always!! Your pics never fail to amaze me and I do love them all!! Thank you, as always, for sharing the beauty with us!! Have a wonderful visit!!


  5. Beautiful shots and a cute one of your daughter and Oscar.
    Have a wonderful time in England! I’ve just come back from there – no more family left there now, but it’s still important to me to get back to my roots!


  6. Absolutely outstanding captures! The bottom one is particularly appealing, especially enhanced by the presence of the little girl and her dog. KUDOS!!!


  7. Dearest Lady-fi; Oh My, what awesome pictures♡♡♡ Great reflection photos; the second one makes our hearts more sentimental with their back shots, isn’t it☆☆☆ Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


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