90 thoughts on “Frolic

  1. Beaches are wonderful to photograph – unless you do it for years and years, and then they get a little boring, lol! I love these pictures.


  2. I love the beach! Both of your images are gorgeous. The first shot is cute with your children walking ahead! The colors are amazing on the second shot. Awesome captures! Have a happy weekend!


  3. Oh my! Fiona, these photographs are BEYOND stunning! What incredible skies you captured!

    And I LOVE the footprints in the sand!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, my friend!

    Have a super-duper weekend!


  4. Oh, these are awesome, Fiona!!! The perfect beach and gorgeous skies!! Doesn’t get any better and I wish I were there right now!! Thanks for all that you do for SW!! You are appreciated!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  5. Lovely photos! Like how well the footsteps show in the sand, adds something extra to the picture and story:)


  6. what a nice wide beach!!! we have lost much of our beaches to superstorm sandy. pretty clouds, beautiful image!!!!


  7. Awesome pictures…. Now that George and I are walking each evening (just before dark) on our golf course, it’s amazing how different the sky is –from one night to the next… Love it!!!!!!



  8. Superb [top] photo…love the leading lines created by the footprints, and the beautiful sky [HDR image?]. Something in the post processing has created a glow around the mother and son…or was it simply their aura? lol


    1. Thanks so much. I took the footprints shot on my mobile and enhanced it with a cheap app called Snapseed. I too like the aura around my daughter and son walking on the beach!

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


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