The walled town

Óbidos in Portugal is famous for being

A perfectly preserved walled settlement.


The castle and its walls date back

To Roman times

Walls looming

But as you walk the narrow and steep cobbled streets,

You meet all kinds of buildings ranging from Gothic

To Renaissance and Baroque standing shoulder to shoulder.

Church and wall

The city gate is a gorgeous

Blue tiled balcony.

Tiled balcony

The town was very much geared for tourism

So my favourite parts of it

Were the secret alleys,

Secret stairs

The quirky old stone houses

Blue striped house

And far-away glimpses

Of purple splashes against old tiled roofs.

Purple splash

For more historic sights, please visit: Our World.

90 thoughts on “The walled town

  1. Seeing what we evolved from is so enlightening. The pics are an education in the time that humans send in the pursuit of their everyday lives. Think of constructing those buildings in that manner today.


  2. What a wonderful place to get lost in, Fiona! Do people live in these houses/buildings? The ‘blues’ almost have a Greek flare, eh?


  3. Thanks for the lovely tour. My favorites are the tiled balcony and the secret alleys. The castle is amazing and I love the purple blooming tree. Gorgeous images, have a happy week!


  4. Such a sense of history in these pictures, I can imagine the people of the past walking through these streets. Quite thrilling, really.


  5. Oh, what STUNNING photographs, Fiona!

    I love them all, but the blued titled balcony, secret alleys, and purple splashes against old tiled roofs are my faves!

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip. What a fabulous place. And you captured the “feel” of it so well!

    Have a super week, my friend!


  6. I agree with you, I like the little hidden alleys and byways that tourists don’t seem interested in. That is also usually where the best restaurants are found. Loved your photos as I’ve never been to Portugal.


  7. although i have never been to Obidos, this is the portugal i know and just like where i grew up. Serpa, Beja, Estremoz… this makes me feel homesick


  8. What a magical place to visit. It reminds me of Santa Fe when I was a little kid, when non millionaires could live there. We would come down out of the mountains to visit and walking around one could see glimpses of the courtyards of the old adobe houses with bright red roses and small alleyways and twisty narrow streets.


  9. I would love to walk through the streets of this exquisite city! This is my first visit here; I came from Dawn Treader’s blog. Your photos are amazing! I’ll be back.


  10. Dearest Lady-fi; I have several PRECIOUS trip to Europe with my friend in my late 30’s and 40’s. Although haven’t been to Portugal, these gorgeous photographs sure reminds me of my great experiences(^_^)v
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in England, xoxo Miyako*


  11. Oh how very lovely. That blue tile (?) work! It would be wonderful to wander through those alleys and it is always more fun to see how the ‘real’ people live than only to visit the touristy parts of town.


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