Summer siesta

School’s out and the long, long summer holidays have started.


The kids and I are kicking off the first week of summer

By going to a surf camp in Peniche, Portugal,

And learning something new: surfing.


I’ve got Our World ready to go up next week

(Hope there are no problems!)

I won’t be around for about ten days or so

So won’t be commenting on your blogs.

Catch you later!


For more sunshine, please visit: Skywatch and Our World.

107 thoughts on “Summer siesta

    1. Yes – ten weeks of holiday has started while we poor parents still have to work and try to take time off to be with them too….

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  1. GORGEOUS shots, Fiona! The color you captured in that last one of the sunrise/sunset took my breath away!

    Have a great time on your summer break, my friend!

    See ya when you get back 🙂


  2. Incredible captures and so much beauty!! These really took my breath away!! Sorry to be so late getting to your blog — been one of “those” days! Oh, do have fun and enjoy your family!! Look forward to seeing your photos when you return!!!


  3. Hi! The first photo isvery cool. It’s very nice that the summer holidays started. I hope you will enjoy the surfing your your family.. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Cowabunga…..happy surfing, friend! Hope the waves give you all a very large joy:)
    Look forward to seeing the beauty on the other end of your camera when you get back.
    May you be refreshed in the most wonderful ways,


  5. Such wonderful photos!
    Hope you are having a marvelous time on holiday.

    Have a fantastic summer and see you in Sept.
    I am not blogging till that time nor will I be visiting blogs while away.
    Just popped by for a little visit.


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