101 thoughts on “Skies of love

  1. i love the last cute heart shot. Beautiful and colorful sky, the second shot is m favorite. Well done! Happy Skywatching, enjoy your weekend!


  2. Your poem and photo are beautiful in so many ways, your poem is so well written. This reader quickly felt the emotion of your poem from the very beginning.


  3. Oh Fiona, these shots of the sky (and your words) are spectacular!

    And that last image is faaaaaaaaabulous!

    *three cheers*

    Happy Thursday, my friend!


  4. Summer is slowly coming and we love the long evenings and the wonderful light and magic in your photos, absolutely gorgeous! ❤


  5. Could you blow that last photo up to an A1 or even bigger size? And then hang it at the United Nations building as a reminder? That is what love looks and feels like. By far it is my favourite photo of yours and that is saying something as I am one of your fans! 🙂

    Greetings from London.


  6. Ah, skies of love indeed and I do love the two young ones!! Delightful and adorable!! Thank you, as always, for the beauty you share with us and the time you give us!! Have a beautiful weekend!!


  7. Liquid gold and two sweet silhouettes of children creating hearts! Wishing you a beautiful weekend. We are going towards stormy days after a build up of heat!


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