Enjoying my greens

The spring rains fall

Leaving behind crystal balls on leaves —

Entire worlds living in those small raindrops.


Grass grows wildly

Dotted with the cheerful faces

Of dandelions and dogs.


A tiny yellow snail

Reminds me that slow

Is the pace of nature


And that trees reflected

Create their own art.

Leafy view

For more greens and other colours, please visit: Our World.

100 thoughts on “Enjoying my greens

  1. Fiona, was a fabulous array of photographs! And I loved your post title 🙂

    That shot of the snail is AMAZING!!!!!

    Once again, my friend, WELL done!

    Happy Monday and June!


  2. Beautiful! We don’t have snails or slugs up here in Minnesota/North Dakota so the yellow snail is fascinating to me. Great shot of the droplets, too. 🙂


  3. The reflection of the trees caught my eye more than any other photo today. They are lovely, but the trees have the oooooh factor. xox


  4. I love your pretty greens, droplets and the cute Golden! Awesome capture of the snail! Lovely images! Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!


  5. The dewdrops are so perfect. As is the field of gene and yellow … Perfect backdrop for the happy star of the show! We saw so many dandelions last summer in Alaska … And I know people there welcomed them after a long cold winter. I’m sure it’s the same for you. Little sunshine spots!


  6. Love that little yellow snail against the fresh green leaves and the happy dog playing in the dandelion dotted grass. Ah the pleasures of early summer!


  7. All great photos – I like the capture of the raindrops on the leaves but the reflections in the last photo are perfect!


  8. Such nice perspectives and angles. I can picture you angling yourself to capture them.


  9. Green is my fav color. Love what you’ve shared here, especially the doggie pic. Just don’t tell Mr. Cheddar that I said that.😉😉🐈


  10. BEautiful Fi, it is wondrous, how slowing down to notice aligns us with nature’s pace. We breathe easier, soothed by the tender magic of tiny water drops, snails and abundant bright dandelions!


  11. BEAUTIFUL photographs of natures with green and your dogie’s sweet happy face makes our heart warm♬♬♬
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


    1. I forgot to say there was an official announcement that our area got into rainy season. And I thought about the weather of England 🙂


  12. like raindrops p [the flowers and plants that will let you see here pretty. The dog in the field with dandelions is also very beautiful 🙂


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