Fleeting beauty

Once again, I found myself back at the Japanese cherry blossom trees without my ‘big’ camera;

Once again I did the best I could with my mobile phone.

I gasped as I looked down the south alley:

Most of the sakura blossoms had already fallen

Creating a magical world of petals and light.


In Japan, people contemplate the fallen petals

As a reminder of how fleeting life is.


The trees on the north side

Were bursting out in pink pops of joy.

PInk canopy

Everyone – no matter religion or nationality –

Was united in pure enjoyment of the blossoms.

(Look at the big grin on the face of the woman to the right of the monks.)


Just as I was leaving, the sun burst through the clouds

Reminding me that there is beauty in those brief moments we call life.

Dramatic sky

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105 thoughts on “Fleeting beauty

  1. Oh!! this is so beautiful. And such a metaphor for life. What a wonderful moment to be in exactly the right place and having a camera to capture it.


  2. I can just imagine the amazing SMELL looking at your photos! That pile of blooms on the ground would have called to me to make them into a heart! So pretty!


  3. Fantastic photos, the falling petals have a special name in Japan. Wish I could remember it but I did a post about that very word some time ago. I will have to go on a search.


  4. Those are stunningly beautiful, you have captured a moment in time…your shots make me miss them even more. There are not that many ornamental cherries, or plums in the Okanagan, especially compared to Vancouver, which is very much like Japan in climate, and chock full of them.

    Too many orchards, and dangers of cross pollination up here so you rarely see them.



  5. Wonderful shots of the beautiful trees in flower. I love how you also captured petals on the ground. That’s one of my favorite things (colorful flower petals that have recently dropped).


  6. In Japan, people contemplate the fallen petals

    As a reminder of how fleeting life is.”

    Yes, you’re absolutely right about that, Fiona, because I lived in Japan for awhile. What an amazing country and such lovely people.

    Gorgeous photographs:) And I can’t believe you took these with your mobile phone, they’re incredible!

    Especially loved the second to last photo with the monks. What a great people shot!

    Have a beautiful week, my friend!


  7. You did more than your best with the cell phone. These photos are outstanding. I especial liked the first photo and how used the trees as a frame for the scene..


  8. These have their own unique quality. They are like children, full life and exuberance. Whether a camera phone, an Instamatic, a pin hole or a big camera, photographs are taken by eyes and the processes of the mind. The artist makes art from any tool he can lay his hands on. Don’t you think.

    If only we could live year round under a canopy such these. We would be a kinder gentler earth beings.


  9. Gorgeous images. And so precious also because lasting only for a short time.
    If we had trees looking like that all the year round, we (most of us) probably wouldn’t appreciate them…


  10. Hi Lady Fi,
    What a realistic thought and a timely reminder! Thank you!!
    The photos are fantastic.
    I thank you for visiting my site.
    May your day be enjoyable!
    Peace 🙂


  11. So true, so amazing…fleeting beauty!!! Wonderful thoughts… I’m amazed at every instant captured! I love every detail…and I can “embrace” the joy of soul… Warm greetings as always and thankful for seeing so much cheerfulness in mind and spirit! 🙂


  12. Fleeting beauty is what makes it especially beautiful! As human beings, our beauty is also fleeting, and with time, we learn to develop our inner beauty which shines in a more meaningful way, don’t you think?


  13. Im so lucky to be back to your blog at this time you’re posting these beautiful, heavenly views again. That picture with the sun is just perfect. I sgree about celebrating life through the beauty of nature.


  14. timing is everything .. what a stupendous moment and how well you captured it even without the BIG camera!


  15. Dearest Lady-fi; OMG!!! What a FANTASTIC post with beautiful pictures of Sakura♡♡♡ I LOVE the way you expressed the flowers as ‘Creating a magical world of petals and light’♬♬♬ I DO agree cherry blossoms area reminder of how fleeting life is; I feel like I married yesterday(was 22 years old) but I’m 60 this year celebrating special year ‘kanreki, 還暦’ in Japan p:-)
    I feel so sorry about my belated comment for this great post.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in England, xoxo Miyako*


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