Honeyed light

The evening sun

Shone like honey in the cherry blossom tree,


Creating dancing light

Behind paper-thin pink petals.

Bokeh copy

Buds burst open

To drink in that spring treacle


And danced

On the edge of light.


Even this shot where I didn’t focus properly

Has a lovely abstract quality about it:

The essence of spring light.


(Photos straight out of the camera.)

For more honeyed views, please visit: Our World.

112 thoughts on “Honeyed light

  1. Fiona, stunning photographs sewn together with such beautiful words…

    “Buds burst open

    To drink in that spring treacle

    And danced

    On the edge of light.”

    Love that!

    And I also love that last photograph 🙂

    Happy Monday, my friend!


  2. Stunning photos, how happy we are to observe and be able to take a part of it back to home, as pics.
    Lovely words also.
    And your heading is gorgeous!


  3. Beautiful!
    Our Crab Apple trees should bloom this week. They are so full this year. When the petals fall, we call it Pink Snow!


  4. Oh beautiful! I’ve been visiting the cherry blossoms at Kungsträdgården for the past couple of weeks – they’re one of my favourite things about spring.


  5. Oh my! The title of your previous post was “Breathtaking”. It was the first word that came to my mind when I have seen these amazing photos. They are gorgeous.


  6. I’ll take a gallon of your honey-like spring treacle to go; oh an one straw ( I don’t share ). No ice thank you, it reminds me of winter. Your colour just as delicious, no, probably more so. One thinks green is the colour of spring, but if one looks real close, it is the colour hues which come to life in the added humidity of springtime brought on by the most intense white burning Sun of the year.


  7. Until now, I thought pink and gold don’t fit, but I now can see that they do: what a lovely combination of the pink blossom and the golden light. Perfect!


  8. Dearest Lady-fi; Oh My!!! I’ve never seen these colored cherry blossoms, SO BEAUTIFUL♡♡♡ Especially love the second picture 🙂
    Wish to be more faithful for friends. Thank you very much for hosting.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


    1. So sorry that I did it again. This time I pasted the wrong one. To my Dear friend in England, xoxo Miyako.


  9. Thank you for your lovely comment…. Now I’m here: I love your captures, they are like pictures especially the one abstract. It’s Poesie….

    Puste einfach weg die Sorgen,
    bereit für ein unbeschwertes Morgen!

    Danke den Freunden für das Lachen
    gemeinsam essen, trinken – mitmachen!

    Puste einfach weg die Mauer
    gemeinsam stark gegen die Trauer.

    Frohe Gedanken dann in die Luft gleiten,
    um den Tag froh und heiter zu bereiten.

    (c) Heidrun Stallwanger, Juli 2014


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