The elegance of winter

A couple of weeks ago, we had a lovely snowfall

And I got to enjoy berries wearing a Santa hat.


The dried seed pods

Glowed like lace in the sunlight

Golden thistles

And delicate diamonds

Glittered on slender stems.

Sparkles copy

Even the snowballs on the frozen lake

Looked like pearls.

Snowballs copy

But my favourite sight – as always –

Are snowflakes of joy.

Snowflakes of joy copy

For more elegance, please visit: Our World.

109 thoughts on “The elegance of winter

  1. Oh how elegant Fiona – love seeing these snow photographs. We actually had a major temperature drop here delivering us finally a blow to winter with sleet, ice and this morning tiny snow flakes.


  2. Fiona, it’s so wonderful to read a blog in which the author enjoys winter the way I do. You see winter the way I see winter…elegant!

    Gorgeous captures!

    “And delicate diamonds

    Glittered on slender stems.”

    Stunning photograph! And I love how you describe things.

    Have a super Monday, my friend!


  3. “Snowflakes of joy”… I’m hoping to have some in the next days… 🙂 Forecast says something about precipitations as soon!! Our winter was and wasn’t… “but i’m dreaming of”… and i feel joyful – still!! Have a good day!


  4. Beautiful snow statues! Unfortunately, in my hometown seen almost no snow:-(and why I so enjoy these pictures Lovely to see the snow on the berries but your last picture I find great!


  5. Dearest Lady-fi; My favorites are the first and last one, if I should chose♡♡♡ Beautiful and Elegant winter scenes, aren’t they♪
    So sorry for my belated comment, have a wonderful coming weekend.

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


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