Heart’s delight

When the broken yolk of the sun

Splashed over the ice,

I knew a wonderful sky was coming.

(I snapped Ruby with my mobile phone.)


I rushed home to get my ‘big’ camera


And was just in time

To see the sky

Romancing the snow.

Red canopy

For more heart-felt skies, please visit: Skywatch.

99 thoughts on “Heart’s delight

  1. I enjoyed those incredible photos. Dear Ruby is such a sweet dog and a fitting part of this amazing photograph, and all the others are stunning. Thank you so much for sharing them. They bring a lot of pleasure to us all out here.


  2. “When the broken yolk of the sun

    Splashed over the ice..”

    I so love how you describe things, Fiona. You use words like an artist uses paint to create a beautiful image.

    Stunning photographs of that sky! Ruby is adorable!

    Have a super weekend!


  3. Amazing…. And how well trained in Ruby to be sitting still bottom and tail in cold, icy snow looking soooooo adorable. It would take a lot to steal the show from those incredible skies and Ruby does!
    Happy snapping this weekend
    Wren x


  4. It’s been WAY too long, my friend! I’d forgotten how amazing your Swedish skies could be – those wonderful REDS outdoing the ones I see down here in OZ! Well … almost!! Have a wonderful week ahead!


    1. Thank you for your lovely comments. Your photos are gorgeous too. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to leave you a comment on your SmugMug site.

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


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