Inside look at Gothic Revival

Many of you wanted to see the inside of Lancing College Chapel (from my previous post) — so here goes!

The chapel is very tall and narrow

With a lovely vaulted roof.


At the centre of the soaring pillars

Is the famous Rose Window,

Made out of more than 30,000 pieces of stained glass.

Organ_window 2

The hallway as you enter the chapel

Has a colourful roof


And a more modern stained glass window

That was dedicated by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 2007

In honour of a Bishop, who was a former Lancing College pupil.

Modern stained glass

I can’t let you go without showing you

The beautiful warm stone of the chapel

In the lovely green setting of the South Downs.

Sky scene copy

For more interiors, please visit: Our World.

109 thoughts on “Inside look at Gothic Revival

  1. Dearest Lady fi; How GORGEOUS Lancing College Chapel chapel is☆☆☆ Love the soaring pillars and Rose Window: and the South Downs is SO beautiful in your picture♡♡♡
    ps. Thank you so much for your sweet comment to my previous post.

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


  2. Wonderful gothic aspects of the interior and the landscape of South Downs… I think I catched a “movement” as vision at the first picture… of course is a visual effect I guess related with the dimension of view displayed… not sure of… but anyway so interesting!! Warm greetings!


  3. Fiona, I let out an audible *gasp* when I viewed these AMAZING photographs! OMG…the first two of the faulted rood are just STUNNING!

    And I could literally stare at that final photographs for hours. Breathtaking, my friend. Absolutely breathtaking!

    Thanks a bunch for sharing and have a super Monday!


  4. Magnificent perspective for the first and very beautiful frames !! we perceive light beams passing through the inside – Very nice set!


  5. This is truly spine tingling artistically and architecturally. It is like walking into a dream or a movie set that you suddenly realize is incredibly real.
    Also, like the new phrase in the header. The words can be pondered again and again and reveal new insights.


  6. Thanks, Fiona, for showing us the inside… WOW—how gorgeous is that… I love the rose window –and the colorful ceiling/roof… Awesome… ALL of it. thanks!



  7. The photographs leave one nothing short of verklempt. When am in such places I cannot help feel that am inside a gigantic paradisaical whale; odd am I not.


  8. Such a lovely chapel with it’s upward sweep, lovely rose wheel window and those well designed lights that enhance rather than clash with that rise to heaven. It sits like a beacon in the green downs. Lovely.


  9. What amazing architecture and l love that coloured roof. How lovely to have dedicated a stained glass window to Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I love the view outside as well.


  10. Beautiful images of the chapel.. The Rose Window is just stunning.. And the last shot is beautiful… What a pretty place.. Lovely photos, have a happy week!


  11. That is a very spectacular chapel, it is lovely to see the contrast between the ornate interior and the simple green grass outside of the South Downs. I love the colour in your photos.
    Have a great week
    Wren x


  12. OMG that is so beautiful and stunning and…. I once saw a PBS/BBC special on how they designed and built those towering vaulted churches and it was fascinating!


  13. Such a gorgeous Chapel/Cathedral! Love those stained glass windows.

    Hi Fi,
    You will be pleased to know that the Zoo I visited has no bars. It’s an Open Range Zoo with many many acres of area for these endangered animals to roam as they please. 🙂 I don’t like caged animals either. Our tour was more like a safari into their domain. Some of the animals are quite tame as they have been hand-reared as part of breeding programs due to being “extinct in the wild”.
    Thanks for your visits to my blog. I enjoy every comment. 🙂


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