Blushing dawn

The blushing apricot tones

Of dawn light up the sky,

Hoar frost dawn

And bring a sparkle

To the trees wearing

Their winter dress of hoar frost.

Hoar frost

Then the dawn mellows

Into a melody of lilac and pink

Over the old church across the frozen lake.

Who says cold isn’t beautiful?

Dawn church copy

For more sky songs, please visit: Skywatch.


112 thoughts on “Blushing dawn

  1. Having been a newbie to living in a snowy wonderland, I had only just learned about hoar frost just before we moved south…I miss being able to go and see the hoar frost!!! We didn’t get it in Mammoth, but just up the road at Lee Vining…


  2. “Who says cold isn’t beautiful?”

    You said it, Fiona! 🙂 And your photographs perfectly depict that beauty! See…and this is why I LOVE winter!

    Breathtaking captures, my friend! The icy tree in the second to last photograph is stunning!


    1. Oh gosh – we have endless gloomy days/weeks with only grey light! The trick is that I only take photos in the light I like! 😉

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  3. First, I just love your cute Ruby! And the sky captures are lovely, the color is gorgeous.. And the frosty trees are gorgeous.. Beautiful scenes and photos. Enjoy your weekend!


  4. lovely shots of Ruby. I know our Golden just loved to play in the snow. It always looks bright and sunny there and I wonder how you get these shots when I know you have gray weather like we do here in B.C.


    1. We do have endless weeks of grey cloud cover sometimes… In fact, I think we only had 8 hours of sun in the whole of January this year!

      My trick is to take as many shots as possible in the good light. I got lucky for these shots as it was early in the morning and there was finally a bit of colour to go along with the hoar frost.

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  5. I never say cold isn’t beautiful! :)) It always makes me sad when someone looks at my winter photos and all they can say it”It looks so cold!” I’m a fan of winter, truly I am!


  6. Cold is beautiful, these shots evidence. Good shtufffs. They have a tinge of valentines to them. But I wonder how many people fall in love when its -40C……..never mind answered my question.


  7. We had three days of hoar frost in early December.. It was magical! We don’t usually get it here, they say it’s too cold for conditions to create it.
    I absolutely love it. Your photos are just as magical.


  8. Oh, you’ll never catch me saying cold (and winter) can’t be beautiful! But if someone needs proof, they need look no further than your photos. I love your “fruit-pallette” skies! 🙂


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