Gothic revival

Nestled in the green hills of the South Downs in England

Is a magnificent example of a Gothic Revival church: Lancing College Chapel.

Outside facade

Its spires soar up into the sky, giving me vertigo

And reminding me of Hogwarts College.


It is the largest school chapel in the world

And a well-known landmark in Sussex.


Even though it’s only 100 years old,

It’s due for a cleaning.

Can you see the mossy windows?

All in all, it’s a stunning piece of architecture.

Mossy windows

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99 thoughts on “Gothic revival

  1. It is absolutely stunning …. and certainly does make me think of Harry Potter (I wonder if JK has visited the school ….).

    I was thinking about cleaning house today and even washing windows, but the cottage isn’t anywhere near 100 years old yet, so maybe I’ll wait!


    1. Well, it’s very tall but so narrow. And not big compared to real Gothic churches like Notre Dame. 😉 But big for being a school chapel.

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  2. Stunning. And I mean STUNNING photographs, Fiona! The arched widows are AMAZING!

    I have a “thing” for Gothic architecture, so I really enjoy these images. I also have a thing for visiting churches, temples, and cathedrals.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Really enjoyed these!


  3. This is so impressive! I have never seen such a huge cathedral and I never heard of a revival of the gothic architecture. It is a great idea.
    So next week you show the interior of this building? I am looking forward to it!
    Wil, ABCW Team


  4. I agree, it is stunning architecture. Your photographs are very good too…I would find it so hard to get a decent pic of such a place. And it reminds me of our two visits to England….much of the time exploring Cathedrals…as well as old, old, small churches. I even found graves of what I think are ancestors. My husband found the town he was named after…and of course we visited the Kennett barrow. Next time we will go back to see the church where his ancestor was a Bishop! You live in such an exciting country… can’t wait to go back…especially now I have just bought a decent camera:)


    1. The chapel is only 100 years old, so not from the original Gothic era (which was from the 12-16 th centuries) — (but impressive nevertheless)…

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  5. Wow- what an impressive place! I was going to say Downton Abbeyish, but you are right- it is more like Hogwarts school. Either way- it is magnificent. I hope someone will polish off that moss soon and not let it fall into disrepair.


  6. I’m happy with the first picture. The lines are perfect. Not so fond of detail in close-up, too much decoration for my taste. Gothic Revival, of course.


  7. This is a great building! Although it has no real towers, it remindes me a little of the Dome in Cologne, do you know that one? I love it! Have a nice day!


  8. I’m currently reading some of the early Harry Potter books out loud as our chapter books with my youngest… giving my Hogwarts fever all over again (it’s been years since I read them all to myself and loved them heartily.) I agree about the resemblance, and magical stature. What a magnificent place!


  9. Thanks for visiting me at MammothLakesDP!!! And yes…leaving the Eastern Sierras was very hard, and yet the right thing to do. The altitude and my body just don’t mix well anymore…
    One of my favorite things about traveling to England is the beautiful cathedrals and old architecture…Original TeePee’s and Adobe huts are pretty hard to come by here in the States!!!


  10. They don’t build them like this any more! We had a modern church / chapel like this near us in Somerset as a kid – most visitors thought it was older than it was.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


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