When winter gives you ice

Sometimes I like to imagine that

The frozen over lake is a beach —

Frozen waves

A different kind of beach

With frozen waves

Sunset waves

And a golden glow that isn’t from sand

But from the setting winter sun.

(Sometimes it’s great to have a vivid imagination!)


For more imaginative posts, please visit: Skywatch.

98 thoughts on “When winter gives you ice

  1. Fiona, I love your analogy of the frozen lake like a beach!

    “A different kind of beach

    With frozen waves”


    Gorgeous photographs, my friend. The skater on the lake is absolutely stunning!


  2. If I could be there to see by myself all these!!! What wonders!… the “vivid imagination” is always a plus… (from creativity’s point of view as a personal quality). And the skater is so brave… Outstanding colors, too and at first reading I thought you did some play of words in post (but I’m learning to read the nuances/ meanings…)! Love it… & appreciate, also! best greetings!


  3. You could not have a more beautiful beach than that! But don’t forget to wear your mittens — and take a warm blanket instead of a terrycloth beach towel. (And a vivid imagination helps a lot of situtions, in my experience.)


  4. This was simply awesome! Sometimes an imagination IS all you need! Love this one!
    Oh and don’t even get me started on the photos!!!!


  5. Wonderful pictures Fiona! And I love your imagination 🙂
    I hope the winter comes back here so I can show you
    some of my frozen waves 😀
    Have a beautiful day with beautiful colours!


  6. Icy beach, glorious skies, dark trees, everything is fantastic. You always set fire on my imagination with your poetic photography, which I really appreciate.



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