Furry boy

A little piece of Oscar was returned to us

In the shape of this furry boy – Simson, who is 16 months old.


He’s living with us for a while (hopefully, forever)

And is in constant motion.

(Long-time friends of this blog will know that I took lots of pictures of Oscar like this…)


When he does slow down,

He is adorably goofy.

(Picture taken with the anklebiters on his Christmas visit with us.)


Ruby enjoys his company –

In fact, I’d say that best friends stick together. (Excuse the pun!)


And when I asked them to pose and say cheese,Β I got this!

(Someone always closes their eyes just as the shutter clicks, don’t they?)

Say cheese

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113 thoughts on “Furry boy

  1. TWO beautiful, happy dogs! I always enjoy your photos and fun to see your kids, too. They are getting big! I hope you do get to keep Simson. He looks like he belongs.


  2. I just love Ruby and Simson.. They are both gorgeous dogs.. I love the last shot of them together.. I hope Simson is there to stay! Have a happy week!


  3. Wonderful Fiona – hope this sweetie gets to stay with you guys for a long time to come. Happy to see Oscar again – the love of your life.


  4. Simon is adorable! I hope he becomes yours forever.
    I’ve missed so many of your posts that I scrolled back through several. Ruby’s puppies are adorable. Wish I had one of them.
    Thanks for stopping by.


  5. OMG Fiona, I was smiling from ear to ear reading this post and looking at these photographs. I love the one with your children!!

    “(Someone always closes their eyes just as the shutter clicks, don’t they?)”

    HA! Adorable capture!

    Simson is beautiful!

    Thanks so much for sharing your world, my friend!


  6. I love looking at both of your dogs πŸ™‚
    They are great companions I think.
    But to tell you the truth, I would also look quite
    goofy if someone chokes my throat πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›
    Can I please have some of your snow?
    You have so much…. πŸ˜€


  7. Simson is so much like Oscar! These are gorgeous photos of beautiful and happy animals. I hope you get to keep the boy pup! I love all of the photos and the first one is my favorite! Thank you so much for sharing!


  8. These dogs are so adorable and I can understand that you love them so much! They look like each other.
    I wish you all a very happy week together.
    Wil, ABCW Team.


  9. I forgot to tell that the crocuses are from several years ago. I use these photos because of the fact that the letter C had its turn this week. Next week it’ll be Daffodils for D! πŸ˜‰


  10. A fine series on these great looking dogs. you captured them in some very expressive poses. Them both pulling on the stick is an especially good one.


  11. What a wonderful gift, to have a little bit of Oscar, and a whole lot of Simson! I love the photo of he and Ruby posing.. Our snow levels are low here this winter, the shoveled path is lovely! Your anklebiters are beautiful, too. πŸ™‚


  12. he is one handsome dude! Simson seems like such a stuffy name, have the anklebiters shortened it yet to say Simmy or Sonny? I am so happy that he is with you, of course no dog can replace Oscar but Simson may make your heart hurt less. Just so you know your long time readers miss Oscar very much:(


    1. We miss Oscar very much too… But it does help to have these two goofballs around.

      Simson is such a long name – we usually just call him Simmy.

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  13. How wonderful! It looks like they have not only Oscar’s good looks, but his amazing spirit and joy for life. May they bring much joy to yours, my friend. Thank you for sharing these.


  14. I love your furry story and your furry friends – the posing shot is so good especially the eyes shut capture – enjoy your week – Jane UK


  15. oh two is better than one .. and they are both so beautiful .. your daughter is looking very grown up and lovely


  16. Very nice photos. I’ll bet the children are happy to have another dog. That is so cute where one dog closes its eyes when you want a photo. That would always be me. LOL


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