Winter’s heart

Maybe I’ve lived in Sweden for too long —

But that first ice on the lake always gets a shout of joy from me!

Testing ice

It’s fun to explore

And find icy eyelashes on leaves


And diamond-studded benches.

Frosty bench

Later on that afternoon,

I found the heart of winter

In the purple of the setting sun.

Heart_Ruby copy

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109 thoughts on “Winter’s heart

  1. Stunning shots as always, and thats where the heart of Winter is hiding….we are still waiting for our ice and snow!! Like you I love the transformation, but only because its for just a few months 🙂

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  2. Each season brings so much beauty into nature and you have captured the loveliness of winter. May I wish you a wonderful and creative New Year!


  3. If I did not have ‘to head out the door’ I would gaze upon these stunning photos ….many times more!
    So very beautiful … thank you 🙂


  4. Beautiful, wintery captures for the day, Fiona!! And, of course, I always love to see pics of Ruby! She makes for wonderful smiles to start this gray old day here in Oregon!! Hope your new year is off to a great start!!


  5. Oh I feel so envious of that winter weather! I long to visit Scandinavia some day – weather like that makes me feel absolutely alive. Lovely shots 🙂


  6. Nor is it a cold heart as one would expect. It is full of life and exuberance. Perhaps that is why Fins have their saunas only to dive in a ice cold lake. The warmth may mend the achy muscles and joints but it’s the icy jolt that assures one is alive and well. My brother married a Canadian Fin, so I have put this test once, had to break ice at the end of old dock (one that looked very much like yours which you photograph). And yes, I only did it once. Never again.

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      1. I’d have to be pie-eyed to do it second time. Still, the devil in me would highly recommend it to anyone considering trying it.


  7. I love how you capture the beauty of Winter. Winter is my favorite season. I love to cross country ski. The animals in the woods seem a little less afraid of humans on cross country skies. 😉 I have skied close to so many animals in the woods.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty of Winter!


  8. I was young when I left Sweden, but I always appreciated the beauty of her nature. It is just wonderful for me to come here and enjoy it now.


  9. Exquisite captures, as always, Fi. Glorious colours. I so enjoy your positive approach to life and obvious appreciation of your surroundings – wherever that may be. Thank you for sharing the beauty and may 2015 be a healthy, happy and “over-flowing with joy” kind of year for you and yours. (Thank you too for co-hosting!)


  10. Hi Fiona, I’ve just had a lovely time catching up with missed posts, always such a pleasure to see your amazing images. Was so sorry to hear that your Dad had been unwell, hopefully he is on the mend now. Ruby’s little babies are a delight as is Ruby herself, how lucky you were to have her after Oscar passed. I’m so sorry it’s belated but I do wish you all the very best for the new year, looking forward to many beautiful wintry images to cool down my extremely hot summer 🙂


  11. oh so beautiful! i was hoping for snow when we went to west virginia but we didn’t get any this year. hopefully next christmas


  12. “But that first ice on the lake always gets a shout of joy from me!”

    And I feel the same way, Fiona! I know I’m not in the majority when I say this, but I LOVE winter! I think I must have been a penguin in one of my past lives because I love being cold and I love snow.

    And I am so envious because we haven’t had not one bit of snow so far this winter. But I hear we may be getting some tomorrow. Yahoo!

    STUNNING photographs! The one of the icy eyelashes on the leaves is breathtaking. And I love the heart in snow in the last one.

    Ruby is sooooooooo cute!


  13. so beautiful. We don’t have snow here in winter. I really need to go to a snow place to experience such beauty. Thank you. Wishing you all the best for 2015. and thank you for stopping by my blog.


  14. Such beautiful fotos! I like all the blue colors in the first one, and the light! A happy New Year to you!


  15. it snows here, it gets cold here but its never a beautiful as it is there .. thank you for sharing the beauty


  16. Beautifully all that ice! The second picture is very attractive and it looks like the leaves sugared by the ice crystal. On the last picture, the air is so beautifully colored. Here I can really enjoy:-)


  17. Dearest Lady-fi; Wow, looks cold but made me feel to see with my own eyes and the beautiful shots reminded me of the little icicles♡♡♡
    Thank you very much for the ”winter heart”♪
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


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