Big and beautiful

While I was in England over the summer

We visited an open air museum.


In the old stables,

There were some magnificent shire horses —


With enormous feet

Big feet-2

And long, shaggy hair.


I could just imagine them

Pulling colourful caravans around the countryside

In days long past.


Big can be bold

And beautiful.


To see who else is horsing around, please visit: Our World.


88 thoughts on “Big and beautiful

  1. I like all of your horsing around, especially with the large-hoofed horses that remind me of Cydesdales . . and the colorful caravans that look like gypsy homes. It’s nice that you have photos from the past you can post now, Fiona.


  2. Fantabulous captures, Fiona! Love the photographs of the horses. WOW…what big feet! And that first shot of the open air museum is stunning. I love the colors and textures of the roof and wooden walls!


  3. I am a horse lover and these are beautiful! What a colorful and delightful place and your captures are indeed fantastic, Fiona, as always!! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty! Hope you have a great week!!


  4. Those Shire horses are such gentle giants and those shaggy forelocks are wonderful! What a beautiful old building the stables are and the colourful caravan is a real beauty!


  5. These are wonderful photos. I love that gypsy caravan. I’ve always been fascinated by the gypsy travelling culture. My grandfather would have loved those horses too because he used to pull a wagon in the days before cars were common. My mom grew up riding in a wagon until they got a old Model T.


  6. Hello Dearest Ladi-fi;  How gorgeous the horses look; to tell the truth I’ve never seen with my own eyes p;-)

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


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