Misty jewels

I found a jewel in the early morning mist.

(Ruby takes her role as model very seriously.)


To the right of the jetty,

A pink panorama opened up;

Pink mist

And to the left, an Impressionist painting

Of trees floating in the dawn.

Misty dawn copy

For more mist-ical skies, please visit: Skywatch.

90 thoughts on “Misty jewels

  1. The reflection of those trees is magnificent. They do look as if they are floating. It looks cold, but I must say from afar I enjoy this time of your year because the landscape seems to transform itself in to all sorts of mystical expressions, and you capture them so well, Fiona.


  2. “And to the left, an Impressionist painting

    Of trees floating in the dawn.”

    Yup, that’s exactly what it looks like, Fiona….a painting. Bellissima!

    And what a “jewel” Ruby is 🙂


  3. breathtaking! And I love how the bits of grass and “weeds” and flowers are growing on the dock. How does that happen??!! 🙂 Gloriously done!


  4. Gorgeous captures, Fiona, as always!! Almost “other worldly”! Really breathtaking! And, of course, I do always love to see Ruby!! She is such a beauty and she does take posing seriously ; )!! Hope your week is going well!


  5. Ruby is a most excellent model. That final image with the line of trees is just beautiful. Almost monochrome.


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