Gold in my pocket

The rising sun

Causes the autumn leaves

To glow with golden honey.

Bright copy

They look like

Delicious lemon lanterns

Lighting the way to the moody clouds —

Yellow lanterns

And those vibrant reflections

Remind me to live exuberantly from dream to bright dream

Just like autumn does.

Lime reflections copy

For more golden moments, please visit: Skywatch.

99 thoughts on “Gold in my pocket

  1. Glorious golden skies!!! They are breathtaking indeed and what superb captures, Fiona!! Wonderful reflections on the water!! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


  2. Absolutely beautiful. You face west and I face east. We get similar views over our respective lakes.. just at opposite times of the day.


  3. Those “golden lanterns” are fabulous – and thanks for reminding me to ” live exuberantly from dream to bright dream.” Poetry in words and photos. I like!


  4. It’s always so good to have time (quiet Saturday morning here) to enjoy your images at leisure Fiona.. every season is captured stunningly through your lens.. divine autumn reflections here. Happy weekend.


  5. Just found this quote this morning, and it goes too well with your luscious photos not to share it: “Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” ~Jim Bishop


  6. Both your words and your pictures are vibrant and golden! I love the part about lemon lanterns lighting the way, and living from dream to bright dream. xoxo to you Fiona ~


  7. Autumn leaves are beautiful on their own, but they shine gold and is the most beautiful when bathed in the sunlight. Staying gold under the moody sky is something symbolical.



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