Autumn is a glowing time of year:


When trees glow

And leaves catch fire.

On fire

It’s a joyful time

Of dewy play


And swans

Showing off their families on the local lake.

Swan family

And, if you’re lucky,

You can catch frosted jewels

Among the leaves.

Frost copy

For more glowing pictures, please visit: Our World.


109 thoughts on “Bedazzling

  1. Autumn is a brilliant time of year, beautiful colors in a bright light (j ‘like the reflections on the water point) and your dog happy frolic


  2. The perfect picture of Autumn at it’s best!! Glorious colors and terrific captures as always! And how wonderful to see Ruby having a great time!! Hope you have a great new week, Fiona!!


  3. Glorious photographs, Fiona. Absolutely GLORIOUS! The color you captured is WOW!

    And I love that final shot of Ruby amongst the frosted jewels!

    Yes, I love FALL 🙂


  4. And autumn should always look like in these instants… pure mix of colors, feelings and beauty of souls captured and let to be seen through lens… Amazing like always in so precious aspects from quotidian!!


  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. A post from Robben Island will come very soon… with photos and some statements as well! Your Autumn is so colorful!
    Have a nice week!


  6. On Wednesday’s Purple Passages post you can see the golden glow of a tree in Pennsylvania where I am enjoying autumnal beauty. Thanks for the verbal and non-verbal inspiration.


  7. Dear LadyFi, lovely photographs. Thank you. I’m wondering if that is Oscar or Ruby in the photograph of the grass jewels. I think it may be Oscar because there is such a look of olden wisdom there. Peace.


  8. I wonder who will get snow first…well we had some in the air already…but snow that sticks to the ground. Lovely Fall you are having and Ruby is as beautiful as ever. I wonder if she wonders about the puppies:)


  9. Absolutely, jaw-droppingly beautiful photographs! You have captured the beauty of autumn in your very lovely part of the world. I love the exuberance of the doggy dewy play photograph. Stunning captures, Fi. All the best, Bonny


  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Fi. Ruby looks so happy! We had our first true frost yesterday morning but I had to go to the doctors with my daughter and could not take photos, today it is supposed to go up to 74F… very strange… but beautiful as there are still flowers blooming in the midst of the autumn leaves!


  11. Hi Lady, your special site is always plenty of beauty, Nature and peace, the scenes with your dog transmits a sense of plenitude and happiness! Have a great week!


  12. Glorious, golden captures, Fi. So pleased that, while never taking away from Oscar’s place in your heart, Ruby is bringing you joy and comfort with her own unique personality. Thank you for the delight you continue to share with your wonderful photography.


  13. Awwww, precious Ruby enjoying all there is to offer out of doors. I know you still grieve Oscar but what a blessing that you have Ruby to love. xoxo


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