93 thoughts on “Sunrise serenade

  1. Stunning captures, Fiona! The color is magnificent! There is something so utterly beautiful about foggy days to me.

    “(Note to self: Let nothing dim the light that shines within.)”

    Thank you for that reminder.


  2. Stunning photos, Fi. You’ve captured the moment beautifully. From a technical perspective they can’t have been easy to take as you’re pretty much staring into the sun, which is always a challenge. All the best, Bonny


  3. What a glorious, golden way to begin a day — any day!! Awesome captures as always, Fiona, and they do have a glory all their own! Awesome! Have a beautiful weekend!!


  4. Though I often see pinks and blues here, lately I’ve noticed luminous golds, the “hallelujah of light” as you say. I wonder if that’s because it’s autumn now.


  5. These are so dreamy, so peaceful and so soothing!! I love your “note to self”…….I need to remember that!!


  6. finalmente posso tornare a fare visita agli amici! queste immagini hanno il pulviscolo meraviglioso dell’oro e la dolcezza del sogno, veramente magnifiche!
    grazie cara LadyF
    un sorriso Ven


  7. “In nature, everything has a job. The job of the fog is to beautify further the existing beauties!” ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
    You have beautifully captured the beautification of beauty! Stunning!


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