Diving for rose petals

Many many thanks for all your wonderful messages of sympathy on Oscar’s passing. It has meant a lot to me.

This week I went down to Oscar’s favourite place, the jetty on our lake,

And threw some rose petals into the water as a way of honouring my furry friend.

Ruby, who is Oscar’s great-granddaughter, and who we have been fostering for the past nine months,

Decided to honour Oscar in his favourite activity: diving into the lake.

Ruby rose petals copy

She carefully retrieved one of the roses

And placed it on the jetty.

Bright colours copy

We sat for a while

Enjoying the autumn scenery and good memories of Oscar.

I’d say that a part of him lives on in Ruby, who is now our own dog.

Ruby on pier copy

Be warned: you might see more pictures of wet (and dry) dogs here on my blog after all!

Big brown eyes copy

For more good memories, please visit: Our World Tuesday.

125 thoughts on “Diving for rose petals

  1. What a sweet story full of symbolism and thanks to Ruby. Lovely shots. I especially like the third one with Ruby on the jetty with the retrieved rose petals.


  2. Ahhh—how wonderful. So glad that RUBY is now YOURS. I’m sure that Oscar is smiling down from his ‘cloud’ up there!!!!!! Ruby will help keep Oscar alive in your memories.


  3. So sorry to hear about Oscar! It looks as though Oscar will live on not only in cyberspace through the many wonderful shots you took of him in the past but also in the DNA of his great-granddaughter! How interesting that Ruby retrieved a rose.


  4. What beautiful pictures of Oscar’s legacy. As stunning and moving as they are, though, I bet they don’t compare to the legacy of memories that live on in your heart. I teared up just now thinking of the companionship I’ve seen in Oscar, how it reminds me of our McGee who also lives on in our memories. Sending hugs and a scratch behind the ear or extra toss of the stick to fetch for Ruby.


  5. Oscar must be smiling at Ruby and you all! How sweet Ruby retrieved the memory of Oscar on the jetty he loved so much!


  6. Fiona, that first photograph of Ruby diving into the lake to retrieve the rose petals is incredible! I love how caught her mouth open and her reflection in the water. AMAZING capture!

    And what a sweet, precious face she has!


  7. Fiona Fiona Fiona you’re killing me over here! What an incredible life and love you have had in dogs. I am truly envious because these animals are magnificent. Ruby’s spirit just shines from these photos, as Oscar’s did from his. What a precious girl. I believe “diving for rose petals” should henceforth be metaphor for embracing life with all the passion your body and soul will allow. I will be over here lapping up every dog photo, wet or dry, you offer in the coming days and months. Bravo and God Bless xoxo


  8. Oh, sweet looking Ruby (Oscar’s great-granddaughter) is your dog and great BEAUTIFUL post of her♡♡♡
    ps; Thank you very much for the sweet comment. Memorial service is over and now I need to start think about my parents’ empty house(^^;)

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


  9. Stunning photos. What a beautiful lake, and what a gorgeous dog. I’m so glad that you have her now that Oscar is no longer with you. She’s a beauty. All the best, Bonny


  10. Ruby looks exactly like young Oscar! This is a wonderful tribute to him. Think of all the good memories in gratitude. Ruby will give you great joy!
    Wil, ABCW Team.


  11. Vakre bilder som alltid :-)) Jeg har aldri hatt hund men har måttet ta farvell med flere katter. Det er alltid trist. Her har det en merkelig tendens til å stå en liten pjusket kattunge på trappen nå vi mest trenger det :-))


  12. I am so sorry to hear of Oscar’s passing!!! He truly enjoyed his life!!! And I am glad that a piece of him lives on, in Ruby!! She looks to be a happy dog, too. I love the image of her diving in after the roses!!


  13. Dear LadyFi, this posting, tender with love for both Oscar and Ruby, reminds me of that song from “The Lion King.” I think it’s called “the circle of life.” Peace.


  14. Isn’t she a beauty. Certainly, Oscar’s spirit did not fall far from the tree. I love her retrieving one of the rose petals as if carrying a little part of Oscar back to you. Dogs are so intuitive. And now I’m all teary-eyed.


  15. Such beautiful images of Ruby enjoying Oscar’s favorite hangout! I truly love your third image, Ruby posing on the pier. 🙂 Very happy for you that she has become a permanent part of your family.



  16. Diving for rose petals…..that is so full of muchness:)
    Love and lift to you in the loss and big hope for furry aliveness to find and fill
    the ache in just the right time and way. Those images make my heart grin so wide:)
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your unique journey,


  17. What?! Oh, Oscar… 😦 It’s good though that you have Ruby now.

    I was feeling sleepy while visiting bloggity friends and dropping comments. Now I’m so awake. I will miss Oscar :(.


  18. I am sorry that you have lost your friend. You know that I know how that feels.

    I am glad that you have someone to sneak into your heart and make the passing easier.


  19. Oscar!!!!! Oh no. My heart is breaking for you and your sweet Oscar. I know how much you loved him and I hope you know how much joy your photos of him and his beautiful spirit splashed across my computer screen so many times means to me… all of us really. I am so very sorry for your loss.

    Big, big hugs.
    xo jj


  20. Really super pictures:-)
    The dip in the water to the rose petals but also picture 3 is awesome.
    As he sits there as lord and master of the jetty. Just beautiful. Compliment.


  21. The first pic instantly reminds me of a photograph of Oscar diving off that jetty. It was a real treat indeed. And you are right – a part of him lives on in Ruby. She’s beautiful.


  22. Wonderful! I’m so glad you have Ruby and how lovely she retrieved the rose petal. My own blog has gone AWOL at the moment with domain host issues so no need to visit. Hopefully I will be back soon 🙂


      1. Looks like it has been hacked and I may have lost all of it. I do have backups but I’m a little afraid to use them. Right now I’m wondering whether to keep blogging or just give up


      2. It appears it’s been hacked. At the moment I have my words backed up but not my photos. I’m not sure what I’m going to do going forward. Right now I don’t feel much like starting again. I may feel differently later. If you haven’t already, back up your blog. This is happening to lots of people!


  23. What a cute girl! It must have filled you feelings when she jumped into the water and returned with one of the rose petals. It sure did that to me.


  24. Your tougher than I. It took me two years to carry on when Hudson died. But he lives in the enigma of the name. Going from boy companion to girl companion will change the way you see. Trust me.


  25. Our golden passed a few weeks back. Seeing Ruby’s sweet expression stirred a yearning. Somehow getting a new dog is the final goodbye to the old- not something to rush into. You have a beautiful blog and I will enjoy following.


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