The Fish Church

The Fish Church – or Feskekôrka –

Is one of the quirky sights you can visit in Gothenburg.

Fish church 2

It’s actually a fish market (built in 1874)

That resembles a Gothic Church.

Fish church 1

The reclining benches in front of the market

Are an excellent place

Dazzle copy

On which to rest

And drink in a summer sunset.

Fish church view


For more quirky sights, please visit: Our World.

95 thoughts on “The Fish Church

  1. Wow; How gorgeous the fish market (the architecture is like a chuch) is in Gothenburg ‘Sweden’♡♡♡ I loved the wonderful sy as well.
    Night Night from Japan ;where Rainy Dreary summer almost over… (I hope)
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs, xoxo Miyako*


  2. The fish market is really interesting, clever architecture. I love the last photo with the pattern of the cobblestones and the pattern of the ripples on the water.
    Have a lovely week
    Wren x


  3. Without your keen eye and trusty camera I would never know about such a place. I wonder what motivated the architects in the 1800s to use a Gothic design for the Fish Market.


  4. Happy Labor Day… Hope you are having a great day. We finally got some rain here this weekend (which we needed)–but this week promises to be a hot one… I’m SO ready for Fall…

    Interesting architecture for sure…. You last photo is SUPER… Wow!!!



  5. Dear LadyFi, I so love the imagination of that architect and of those who hired him to create such an imaginative building that soars through the heavens as fish swim through the seas with great beauty. Peace.


  6. Not: “quirky sights” to me!! It seems that they are made just for my soul!!… This image of the town, at sunset, it showed me a very distinctive atmosphere, even for a fish market with a resemblance of a gothic church like you said… and such an impressive light captured like always in your artworks!! Oh … more than fantastique… to say it so…..Outstanding!


  7. I love the humor of the architect, the designers, the owners, and everyone involved who decided the fish market should have a gothic church look. it does remind me of fins. Beautiful photos!


  8. What a cool place! And you capture it so stunningly – you always manage to find the most dramatic light of day.
    The building is amazing, but I love the pavers, too. Those are the kinds of details we often lack here in our younger country. So enchanting.


  9. I like quirky and it definitely is quirky to build a fish market that looks like a Church. But this post is so much more …. amazing skies and light (as always!) and the colors contrasting with the ‘church’ ….lovely.


  10. Now that is something you don’t see everyday! Not only is the building beautiful, but the rest of the area also looks that way.
    Your photographs are nothing short of amazing.


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