96 thoughts on “The blue hour

  1. Ahhhh L’Heure Bleue! So beautiful. A nice perfume by Guerlain as well. You have inspired me. xoxo Fiona


  2. How exquisite and beautiful. We are awaiting word from my family across the country to tell us that my darling 93 year old aunt has died. She’s in a place of waiting now, no hunger, no thirst, no conscious. These photos brought me such peace this morning. It’s a place I hope she is drifting. Thank you so much for an image that truly touched my heart.


  3. Charmed by the views! Magical mix of elements in these picturesque images of a special place… It looks like i’m in the front of a screen where it is playing a movie… HAve a great day and a pleasant weekend, Fi!! Alexa T


  4. Oh my gosh…what wonderful captures. I miss the sunsets that we had off the dock at our cottage in Maine, they were wonderful. Thank you for sharing yours.


  5. The light is so crystal clear this time of year and makes perfect for these beautiful colourful photos Fiona. Your composition and framing is exquisite.


  6. Nicely done and great colours on the lake. The second one looks like Nessy just submerged. It’s nice to think that even monsters like to stop and take in the view at sunset. 🙂


  7. I look at a lot of blogs and I’m pretty sure that you are the best of using the light and time of day to your advantage. Amazing photos! As always…


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