The Feather Islands

During the school holidays, the kids and I went to Fjäderholmarna —

Or in English, The Feather Islands.

As the boat left Stockholm, we passed the city’s most famous crane

Painted as a giraffe. (It’s near the funfair.)


After half an hour, we arrived on the island

And visited a local café.

We followed the sign and started off the day with ice cream…

Eat dessert

The island has a strong tradition of fishing,

And one of the boathouses was decorated

With the fearsome skulls of pike.


My two small adventurers

Discovered many places to explore.


We visited the local glassblower

And admired a work in progress,

Glowing like a jewel.


Tired and happy, we returned home on the boat

Under a dramatic sky.


For more adventures, please visit: Our World Tuesday.



84 thoughts on “The Feather Islands

  1. Thank you for introducing me to nooks and grannies of the world I’ll probably never get to visit. My mother would definitely approve of the the sign “Life is short. Eat dessert first!” She would probably even applaud your starting the day with ice cream too! And the crane – what a hoot!


  2. i love that giraffe crane! how clever … paris has tons of cranes dotting the landscape, you’d think parians being so chic they’d dress up/camouflage theirs … what a fun outing … and i agree ice cream is best eaten as an appetizer vs dessert!!!!!!


  3. I had to laugh at the sign in the shop. It could just as easily have read: Life WILL BE short, if you always eat dessert first. 🙂 What a heavenly place for explorers. Your last photo of the island reminds me so much of Venice!


  4. Oh —what fun for those two special little ones!!!! I’m sure they had a great time –during their school holiday! I love the giraffe… So adorable…. Thanks for sharing the Feather Islands…


  5. I enjoyed the journey vicariously! What a wonderful gift in my inbox, to explore the Feather Islands as I sip my coffee, and absorb this beautiful morning of beauty in my own surroundings. Thank you for sharing! Your co-travelers must’ve had a blast!


  6. That is the best crane ever!
    I saw a glass-blower at the Minnesota State Fair many years ago and never forgot it. Totally fascinating!
    Looks like a wonderful trip. 🙂


  7. I love every detail… And the sign is… wow… i mean… i know!! (almost same quote that I have in my post)… and a sweet delight is what we need… and in that tree… it must be a tresor hidden and it waited to be discovered, right? so curious kidds…just like I used to be in childhood. To all: a good week, but most of all the best in what you do! Alexa


  8. Ah, Fiona! Beautiful! What a grand adventure for children. A boat ride (two!), ice cream, glass blowing, exploring! Sounds like a truly wonderful day. xoxo


  9. What wonderful sights. I love the giraffe crane. I’ll bet the kids liked the hollow tree. That’s a beautiful view from the boat.


  10. Dear LadyFi, I sighed a deep sigh of contentment when I finished reading your posting and spent time looking at the photographs. How wonderful for the children to find a tree trunk into which they can step into a possible fairytale world. Peace.


  11. A great series, I love the one with the two adventurers, and yes, that crane is a fun one. To see one of these formidable looking structures painted as a giraffe certainly turns it into something very endearing. Each photo has its own beauty, even the fearsome looking pike skulls.


  12. I bet the children had the time of their lives! Icecream was also a favourite of my children and grandchildren. The first Norwegian word my children learned was “is”. We often went to Norway.
    Have a great week.
    Wil, ABCW Team


  13. Vilka vackra bilder! Skulle gärna besöka Fjäderholmarna nu efter att ha sett dem.=) Den där skylten med “Life is short, eat dessert first” skulle passa bra hos mig också.=D


  14. Even before I read, I said “Oh that a Giraffe! “. 🙂 Great idea. And last picture reminds me of Venice. 🙂

    Have a wonderful time there.


  15. I think my two explorers have taken the line about dessert to heart!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

    PS: the pike do look fierce, although I wish they were still swimming!


  16. What a glorious day of adventure and scenic tours…I would have loved to have been with you on this day. I find it ever so fascinating to watch glass blowers at work.


  17. It looks like a fun time and the giraffe crane is lovely. If only all cranes looked like that our docks in Southampton would look much more fun. I’ve often thought they look like dinosaurs eating.


  18. Wonderful series of images Fiona.. Like all above j’adore the painted crane, I did a post about the cranes in Fremantle a while back referring to them as mechanical giraffes, such a fab idea 🙂


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