I may or may not have taken over 100 photos of Ruby’s pups a couple of weeks ago —

So I hope you don’t mind if I share some more!

Kissing copy

Who can resist

A small, furry puppy face —

Puppy face copy

Or a handful

Of puppy love?

Handful copy

One of the puppies

Attached herself to my son’s finger.

Puppy on finger copy

Our visit tired out

The adorable puppies

And we left them sweetly snoozing.

Puppies sleeping copy

For more puppy love, please visit: Our World.


108 thoughts on “Irresistible

  1. Beautiful photos Fiona! …. Especially when they are cuddle up together. My 3 dogs still do this with me … when they get the chance! They are so dang cute.
    Val x


  2. Ah, I do love your precious puppies, Fiona!! They are adorable indeed!! I still miss my Sam Schnauzer so much!! Your pics are a delight to see! Thank you for sharing! May all of you — puppies included have a wonderful new week!


  3. Dear LadyFi, I bet Ruby’s proud of herself and those pups. There is something about the face of children and kittens and pups and all newborns that draws our tenderness and concern and love. That response must be part of the our nature. Peace.


  4. Ahhhhh—how adorable. When I got my last dog, Duchess, I had no intentions of getting a dog –until I saw that precious baby… How can anyone resist taking one of them home…

    If I get another dog sometime, I want a Golden Retriever… Gorgeous dogs.


  5. QUte puppies. You can take lots of Picture. Ours are now 18 Days and becomes more and more like a puppy. In one week there is a lots of action I think


  6. There is nothing like a litter of pups and how bonded they are. So cute and I feel sad for them because they are going to be split up.


  7. What ADORABLE SWEET faces; warmed my heart♡♡♡ Thank you very much for sharing and hosting,Ladyfi.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


  8. How precious! We stopped to see some puppies at a local humane society recently – not quite the right time yet for us to start again with a puppy, but it sure did warm our hearts to visit them. When we left they were all asleep, too, and it reminded me of a children’s book I used to read to the kids. “A pup snuggles up with her family and friends, where one pup starts another pup ends.”


  9. Precious, precious, precious! I love the way puppies wallow all over one another when they sleep. Your pictures are fabulous, Fiona.


  10. Those puppies are totally adorable. If I didn’t have a big dog of my own I’d rush right over there and get one (if you were giving them away.) So, so cute. I’m going back to look at them again. 🙂


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