Picnic skies

Mid-July and the sun was setting somewhere around 10.30 pm:

Perfect for a late-night picnic on the pier.

Picnic 1

As with all our picnics where Oscar is involved,

We end up pretty wet — whether we’ve been swimming or not!

Picnic 2

Life is pretty good though:

Jump, enjoy life, repeat.

Picnic 3

For more joie de vivre, please visit: Skywatch.

94 thoughts on “Picnic skies

  1. Oh My!!! Great colorful sky pictures with Oscar and children♡♡♡ So sorry that I couldn’t leave comment for your previous OWT.
    Happy to find your post before going to bed, Night Night from Japn. Sincerely Yours, xoxo Miyako*


  2. You live in such a beautiful area for sunset skies and reflections on the water. Life in the city doesn’t offer all this beauty and I need to get away from home to see it all!


  3. A superb series as always! Such glorious, dramatic skies! So much beauty!! And I love the earlier post with the mama dog and babies!! Delightful! Hope you have a beautiful weekend! Enjoy!


  4. Beautiful, beautiful sky. Seems Oscar can’t resist the water. I’m intrigued by the growth on the jetty. How does it get there. 🙂


  5. You captured that beautiful warm stillness of a late summer evening, so perfectly. What a perfect place and time for a picnic….and such beautiful children. Oscar must have been in heaven….water, food and children 🙂


  6. Gorgeous colors, location, and subject. I always sense such a peace when I look at your photos. BTW, did I ever tell you that my daddy’s name is Oscar. I’m going to have to mention to him that a dog shares his name. lol Visiting from #SWF. Hope you’ll hop over to see my contributions Weekend #photo contributions


  7. WOWWWWW Fi, this made my day. Absolutely wonderful shots. FIRE in the sky, reflected in water, and I love piers, and family outings, and DOGS!!!! Joie de vivre indeed. May we all experience it more. xoxo my friend …. happy weekend and happy skywatching!!!


  8. Dear LadyFi, these evocative photographs of setting sun and rippling water and dog’s delight bring back to me the halcyon days I often spent at the North Shore and the Minnesota lakes during the 38 years I lived there. Thank you for catapulting me into memory! Peace.


  9. It’s always such a pleasure to look back on your missed posts Fiona.. the beauty of your images always inspires me and oh how adorable are Ruby’s wee puppies, looking forward to seeing many more pics of those sweeties 🙂


  10. What a beautiful place in the sky and the twilight glow – to the delight of all and jump is thrilled !!! nice set
    Back from vacation and here in the rain !!!


  11. Totally magnificent! Though we understand the geographic, the astonishment sustain over the time setting there. Natural delight of late-night light


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