Puppy tales

I’m away in Gothenburg this week so won’t be around to visit you,

But I want to leave you with some sweet pictures of Ruby and her three-week-old puppies.

Ruby was very happy to see us – and we we were overjoyed to see her.

Ruby and pups

Her pups were constantly calling for attention —

Who could resist that sweet tail?

Puppy tail

They were very affectionate

And not afraid of us at all.

Pup in arms

In fact, they seemed to find some of us

Very tasty indeed!

(More puppy pictures coming up next week.)

Beard and pup

I’ll be back on Thursday with a new post.

For more sweet tails, please visit: Our World Tuesday.

80 thoughts on “Puppy tales

  1. Aww… what adorable pups. Ruby looks so proud. These photos brought back memory of the day I got my Maximus. Can’t believe he is going to be 10 years old this year,


  2. I love puppies, they are so cute! Just like their momma.. They remind me of my Goldie Girl when she was a puppy.. Great photos, thanks for sharing.


  3. The tale of puppy doggy tales.

    I’ve always thought what an interesting photo project it would be to follow one pup from birth onward. They develop so quickly. I had the chance with ‘the one’ before Elvira but I could not keep up; to say he was a handle full would be an understatement. And it is remarkable to think that each pup develops with its own distinct persona and traits then their siblings.


  4. They are magnificently puppies! J hope you did good stay at Gothenburg (no memory is manufactured Hasselblad camera over there?)


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