Honey glow

I don’t seem to be able to get enough

Of our late evening honey glow!

Golden light

It pours like warm syrup

Over water and jetty.


It bathes Oscar

As he enjoys the view;


And dances on golden feet

Over the lovely clover.

(I lay down in a patch of nettles to take this photo!)

Clover copy


For more honey, please visit: Skywatch.


142 thoughts on “Honey glow

  1. You have such a lovely place overthere. It won’t be boring in any light, I think, but this golden light is struly stunning again.
    Thanks for sharing this beauty again and enjoy your weekend.


  2. Ahh, I can’t get enough of these honey glows of summer, too! Fabulous photos…truly beautiful! You are blessed to live where you are. BTW, is Oscar your dog? That’s my daddy’s name. lol Happy SWF!!


  3. These are gorgeous pictures. The comment is superb. We photo types are found in all sorts of odd places “to get the shot.” I haven’t been down in the nettles yet! 🙂


  4. Don’t you just love the color of the earth after sunset???? I’ve been doing some photography at or after sunset around here… So much fun!!!! Oscar is enjoying it as much as the people are!!! Great photos.


  5. Oh, Fi – your poem and the accompanying photos make me yearn to see that honey glow myself! But, since I don’t think I’ll be visiting you anytime soon, thanks for getting into the nettles to take the shots. I think Oscar is missing Rusty – he looks a bit pensive.


  6. Simply glorious, honey. The one you took while lying in the nettles is extra-special. I wish I could hug Oscar’s neck and kiss him in the vicinity of his big brown eyes! But I’ll content myself with saying thank you for visiting my blog today, and I wish you a very happy weekend.


  7. Did you do that on purpose? (Lie down in the nettles?)…. if so that is the true mark of a professional photographer. Whether accidentally or on purpose the photo is (like yours always are) remarkable and i am glad you can’t get enough of your evening glow. Neither can I … love looking at your pictures! (And I hope you aren’t hurting from needles!)


    1. No, I didn’t realize that there were nettles there until I tried to get up and found out that my legs were stinging!

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  8. There is a spread of honey in these lovely scenes. And oscar seems to be wondering why you are interrupting his appreciation of it all too. He has a gorgeous face.


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