Golden transformation

When golden insects

Dance in the air,

Golden dust

And the setting sun

Transforms people

And a bucket on the jetty

Into objects of beauty,

Golden glimpses

Then the best thing to do

Is lean back

And try to catch the magic

With your wand (or fishing rod).

Fishing copy

For more glitter, please visit: Skywatch.

92 thoughts on “Golden transformation

  1. Seems like you have taken your own advice to heart, Fiona! Your wand being your camera……simply beautiful!


  2. All these golden pictures are just beautiful and I think it’s wonderful that your selling them! So nice that your willing to share your talent! Cheers, Danette


  3. How many amazing photos have you taken of that lake and dock !!!!! What a beautiful setting that has provided for your lovely photos. You are such a skilled and talented photographer -thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. Mickie 🙂


  4. I like the idea’rrrrrr of fish’n f’r gold. Grab u’r rod, catch sum glow……..deep rich golden colour sepia, as if spear of chemical going wrong in the dark, or the discolouring effect of glass negatives or even the slow peel of a Polaroid image.-yours are unbelievably warming in feeling and emotion.


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