96 thoughts on “Ruby rain

  1. These indeed are jewels, gems from nature. You have hit upon my favorite palette of colors: plums and violets. Since I am a “winter” complexion-wise, these are the colors that look best on me. It’s always worth it to click on your posts, Fiona. Thank you!


  2. Awesome captures of breathtaking skies, Fiona!! Such gorgeous colors and what a way to end a day — any day! Yes, humbling awe is indeed a great description! Hope you have a lovely weekend!! Enjoy!


  3. That is simply awesome… And well done you for stopping to admire & photograph, rather than running for the hills! Isn’t it amazing that with all we have & do these days, that it is still natures wonderous moments than impress the most? Wren x


  4. Oh MY!!! I’ve grown used to seeing your beautiful soft pink skies, but this shade of pink is getting down to business! 🙂 Ruby Rain indeed, what a great name for it.


  5. what a gorgeous sky .. we had some pretty horrible storms pass through here last night but our skies never looked that good


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