Cherry on top

Every year, the sakura – or Japanese cherry blossoms –

Spread pretty pops of pink elation in downtown Stockholm.

Blossoms and buds

They hang like

Petalled bunches from the trees;


Are gorgeous

Clouds of blossoms in the sky;

Clouds of petals

Float in the air

Like pink tutus;

Pink tutus copy

And remind us

That life, like the cherry blossom,

Is fragile, fleeting and beautiful.

With bokeh

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101 thoughts on “Cherry on top

  1. Wow—beautiful. Cherry trees are some of the prettiest of all. I was in Washington DC one year when the Cherries were in bloom… WOW….Tremendous… Great photos!!!


  2. Dear Lady Fi, out in the country where I grew up, we had pear, apple, and cherry trees and the blossoms of each tree perfumed the air each spring. But our cheery blossoms where not like those you’ve pictures. I’ve never seen such blossoms before. They truly are pink clouds of perfection. Thank you for sharing these photographs and your words. I’m wondering if “sakura” is a type of cherry tree. Peace.


  3. The blossoms are so beautiful, and like you say they are so fleeting in their appearance. The wind blew ours away like confetti at the weekend so a fast visit this year. Have a wonderful week xx


  4. How gorgeous! They only bloom for such a short time, but they leave memories of their glory and excitement over their next appearance when they go! Wonderful photos!


  5. Lovely! I took bunches of pictures of mine, It’s fortunate that ours bloomed earlier than yours because they would have suffered if they hadn’t! Cheers, Danette


  6. I love cherry blossoms. When I lived in Brooklyn, NY the Botanic Garden there had many trees that were a gift from Japan.
    The cherry blossoms have snow on them here today in Colorado, Lady Fi! We had quite a bit of late snow. Fortunately is began melting quite a bit by the afternoon and should all be gone in a few days,


  7. These blossoms are so heavenly! I have a Japanese cherry- tree and a crabapple-tree. They both flower at the same time. This year they lost their blossoms very fast, which is such a pity. Therefore thank you for sharing yours!
    Wil, ABCW Team


  8. oh my goodness these images of the Cherry blossoms are glorious! I have never seen a Cherry Blossom tree. I wish I had one in my yard.
    Beautiful. Have a lovely week and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.


  9. Absolutely beautiful! I can almost smell them.
    Still not a leaf on a tree here, but soon the buds will be bursting to life. I look forward to color!


  10. I enjoy when my apple and pear trees are in bloom. I can just imagine how lovely the cherry blossoms are in person…lovely photos!


  11. Wow!!! What a GORGEOUS pictures of cherry blossom from you♡♡♡ And I LOVED to read that you kindly introduced Japanese name “sa.ku.ra”, I intentionally put the dots. p;) I mean in relation with my link. Thank you very much for hosting and So sorry for my a bit late comment.

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


  12. More than gorgeous… And so important saying included: “life… like a cherry blossom… Is fragile, fleeting and beautiful… True wisdom portrayed in words, also!!So thankful for such precious pictures to be seen up close. All the best, Alexa T!


  13. Thanks for commenting on my blog. 🙂 Boy, oh boy! what big and bright and soft looking cherry blossums!! So lovely to look at.


  14. Oh, I’ll be too late again for these! But at least it looks like I’ll get to come “home” to Stockholm for a short visit again soon, and that makes the [cherry] blossoms in my cheeks light up all the same. 😉 Thanks for sharing their great and delicate beauty!!


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