Purple rain

Last weekend, a fierce bolt of lightning

And a thunder clap announced the arrival of rain.

Sunset storm

The lone jetty stretched out

Towards the infinity of purple rain,

Jetty and rain copy

And we enjoyed the sight of wild clouds

Rolling in over the lake before running home

Wet and exhilarated.

Storm copy

For more drama, please visit: Skywatch.

112 thoughts on “Purple rain

  1. “And we enjoyed the sight of wild clouds
    Rolling in over the lake before running home”… it sounds so good that I can say, too: “And we enjoyed the sight of wild clouds
    Rolling in over the city before running home…” just knowing now what troubled weather we had sunday evening (they said it was a unique phenomenon that occurs when a cold front is mix with a “mediterannean” warm air or something like this)!!
    Anyway… I love the amplitude of the purple lanscapes shown above… it’s the sensation of fairy stories when somehow or somehow in will appear the magic feeling of eternity… possible… ;)lol maybe it’s to much thinking of….


  2. its so cool when you can see those storms starting to move across the land….and knowing they are coming…or even just watching them…so cool…and even hummed a bar or two of the song for you…smiles.


  3. Fi, I just walked home from the library in the city while it was pouring (no umbrella) – my view was not as glorious as yours and the rain wasn’t purple!


  4. WOWzers! The mood you captured in these images is stunningly beautiful. The texture, tone and rain…. Incredible!


  5. Even your storms are prettily pastel! Gorgeous skies, gorgeous photos! The Artist Formerly Known – and Then Known Once Again – as Prince would love these. 🙂


  6. With photos like those I don’t care about the rain. 🙂 The only word for that sky is dramatic and your photos reveealed that to the full extent. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.


  7. never was a Prince fan but he came to mind as soon as i read the blog post title .. lovely photos ..


  8. Stunning skies – and a pair of ducks, to boot! I see mention of the artist known or formerly known (so confusing) as Prince above…
    He happens to come from my state, Minnesota. Though a few hours south in the cities & much different part of the state. I don’t know that I ever heard of Prince visiting our northern lakes & woods parts that your lake photos remind me so much of. 🙂


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