Bee-autiful winged spring

May started off with a snowstorm —

But before that, spring had managed

To explode in glowing cups of beauty.

Orange burst tulip copy

Wild tulips sprouted

Paper thin wings of petals


That matched the lovely

Wings of bees enjoying the flowers.

Wings and hyacinth copy

And on a still day, if you stand quietly beneath this tree,

You can hear it humming

With the happy buzzing of bees among blooms.

Humming tree

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97 thoughts on “Bee-autiful winged spring

  1. Isn’t this time of year just glorious, Fiona. What a lovely connection you made between the bee and the tulip……..waiting for our tulips here to show their colours.


  2. anyone who doesn’t believe in the climate changes we’re experiencing is not a fluke is a fool .. .global warming is real …


  3. Lovely pictures and also lovely to hear of bees humming. They are so vital to the ecological process and (in my part of the world) I have heard that they are in decline. So hail to the bees everywhere! 🙂


  4. Fantastic captures, Fiona, as always! Gorgeous flowers, exquisite colors and a heavenly way to begin my day and new week!! Thanks as always for sharing the beauty! Have a great week!!


  5. Oh, so beautiful! And love those pollinators!!
    Still waiting patiently for anything at all to burst into life here.. it won’t be long now!


  6. Dear LadyFi, there are no fruit trees in my yard so not much buzzing going on here. But up in Minnesota where I lived in a two-story 1870 lumberjack home for 32 years, I had two crabapple trees in the backyard. Each spring they looked like a cloud had settled on a dark trunk. A cloud so beautiful that both the bees and I were giddy with delight. Peace.


  7. Your tulips are GORGEOUS… We had some pretty ones this year –but I haven’t put together my blog post to show them off… They are almost all gone now—but the Irises are beginning to bloom…. Oh –how I love spring.


  8. ‘humming-tree.jpg’, the title alone vividly appropriate. There is a swirl of activity from the shape of the branch creating a circular motion and the blending fuzziness of the depth field that just makes this image come even more alive -its all but a bee’s world and not just about the bee which is what most would zoom in on. This is a tremendous photograph. A blend of serendipity, hardware driven and of course the ability of your eyes to see the potential.


  9. Wow, BEE-autiful spring flowers♡♡♡  I saw bees and heard them buzzing this moening(*^_^*)
    Thank you very much for hosting. Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


  10. I especially love that last shot with the tree flowers spiralling against the beautiful blue sky. I do like a short depth of field to add mystery and a sense of movement….it’s almost as though we can see the flowers popping open 🙂


  11. I remember spring in Sweden, my best memories of vitsippor, liljekonvaljer, hagg, osv. Your dog divers are too much, loved that capture. And I have something on my blog you may enjoy — a video called Wild Sweden.


  12. What beautiful flowers. We’ve had crazy weather too, alternating between hot and snow (with more snow on the way).


  13. A snow storm?? Eek. I barely manage with the shift from a 9-month African summer to a 5-month English winter but snowstorms in May would make me very grumpy indeed. Gorgeous photos.


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