Roros romance

High up in the mountains of Norway,

The early spring skies are big and wild —

And old houses have birch trees growing on them!

Birch on roof

Roros is an old copper mining town —

And the remnants of those days lend some kind of industrial romance

When decorated with dramatic skies.

Industrial romance copy

As the sun peeked over the ridge of the mountains

Another glorious day dawned —

And I was grateful to be there.

Big sky and building copy

For more romance, please visit: Skywatch.


91 thoughts on “Roros romance

  1. Your photos are always amazing to see, and the last shot is just incredibly breath-taking.
    I wonder how big the root of that birch tree has gotten?


  2. Gorgeous… What a fantastic place to take photos. When you are gone ‘filming’ —are you filming for a magazine or something like that???? I’ll bet MANY of your photos get chosen…. You truly do have a gift.



  3. Wonderful, delightful captures as always, Fiona!! Love the old village, the trees on the roofs, and your always incredible skies!! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Have a great weekend!!


  4. The thing that always fascinates me about your images Fiona is the light. There’s something about the light that is both mysterious and yet so revealing.


  5. Beautiful photos, Fiona. I guess when those who have lived there say that their roots are in that house.. they really mean it. 😉


  6. This town has been charmed by fairies! How else could it be so beautiful? How else could trees grow on the roof? How else could the colors be so lovely? (Oh wait, I know the answer to that last one — this town has a magic photographer!)


  7. Reminds me of some of our old mining towns in the Western US. Beautiful shots, really nice skies and love the trees growing out of the roof!


  8. It’s surprising how nature finds it’s own way of sustaining it self.Referring to those birch trees growing on the houses. My favourite is the first pic. Beautiful shots!


  9. Hi! All of your photos are very interesting. The birch tree photo is express weight of the history in this town. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  10. The skies look absolutely surreal – the images wonderful. With all of the confirmation in the comments above, you must know you have a keen eye for particular beauty. Thank you, Fi!


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