I’m a big fan of the quirky and the lovely. Here are some interesting sights I saw in England on my trip there last week.

It was surprisingly warm – and this huge magnolia tree was in full bloom

Next to a charming old thatched cottage from about 1550.

Magnolia-cottage copy

I found this pair of bellows on the outside of an old flint cottage, dated circa 1724.


A few doors down, a watchful dog

Keeps an eye on passers-by.

Dog in wall

The faded beauty of an abandoned garage

Caught my eye.

Blue copy

The highlight of the weekend was my father’s birthday –

And a reunion with my family of nuts.

These are my two sisters. (And they call me crazy!)


For more quirky shots, please visit: Our World Tuesday.

89 thoughts on “Quirky

  1. Dear Lady Fi, wonderful photographs per usual, but that thatched home really captured my attention. I wonder how thatching is done. I guess I need to Google that. Peace.


  2. And to think, they are the saner of the sisters 🙂

    Stunning photos, Fiona. I really love that magnolia in bloom. It’s hard to believe how far advanced their spring is already. Our magnolias are still quite bare. Still, it gives me hope that 20C days will be here soon.


  3. Beautiful shots and I know it was fun getting together with your family. I bet your father was happy to have you there for his birthday. I hope it was a happy one.


  4. I love the quirky post and the shot of your sister’s is very cute.
    They look like they know how to enjoy life.

    Great post, thank you for sharing.


  5. è il tempo ad essere pazzo…he he, altro che la bella foto delle tue simpatiche sorelle! il mio albero di magnolia è fiorito contemporaneamente a quello su in Inghilterra!!! peccato che la mia casa non ha quel bel tetto di paglia!
    le tue foto come sempre sono straordinarie!

    the time to be mad … he he, but the nice pictures of your cute sisters! My magnolia tree that is much bigger than the one in your photo has flourished at the same time as the one on England!!! too bad my house doesn’t have that beautiful thatched roof!
    your photos are amazing as always!


  6. Oh what a lovely time — and wonderful reason to visit your family. I know your father must have been so pleased to have you all there. Your sisters are lovely and obviously full of fun! OK, nuts… (I’m a fan of quirky too). Love the pictures all…..glad you took your camera and had time to explore.


  7. I love the cottage with the thatched roof and the blossoming tree. Just lovely! And the little dog is cute, neat decoration. Looks like your sister are having a fun time posing.. Enjoy your week!


  8. This cottage is so gorgeous and lovely! And the details you found! So wonderful captured!
    Seems you had a great time with your sisters! 😉 Great shot!


  9. I absolutely love those English thatched cottages! My dream is to travel back to the UK & Europe one day to relive my only trip back in 2010 now that I have a decent camera and to explore more places. Enjoy your weekend.


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